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Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Brand Chocolate Palace
Product Weight 100 grams
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Product Description

Chocolate does not merely satisfy your sweet tooth or make an excellent ingredient in your dessert, it does so much more. Laden with a number of health benefits, your refrigerator cannot do without a bar of chocolate. Now, if you are fond of chocolate, you must like dark chocolate as well. So if you wish to stock your refrigerator with dark chocolate, then you must get the dark chocolate by Chocolate Palace. One of the most popular chocolate manufacturing brands, Chocolate Palace produces the finest quality chocolate that is appreciated by one and all. This 100 gm dark chocolate is no exception and is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Take a brief look at the product features and health benefits of dark chocolate before you opt for the product.

Benefits of dark chocolate

This 100 gms pack of dark chocolate is properly packed and can be stored for a long time. Unlike the popular belief it comes with a number of benefits that is good for your health. Dark chocolate when eaten in moderation keeps a number of illnesses at bay. Dark chocolate which is made from the cocoa beans is extremely rich in a special class of plant nutrients that is called flavonoids. Flavonoid comes with antioxidant qualities that are flavonols which is known to lower blood pressure to a considerable level and also to boost blood flow, as well as reduce blood clots. The best part about eating dark chocolate moderately is that it protects you against strokes and heart attacks. Not just the antioxidants, dark chocolate is also rich in healthy fats that are beneficial for the system. Cocoa butter and the fatty part of cocoa beans is unsaturated type and that is beneficial for the heart and also helps to keep the cholesterol levels in check. Dark chocolate is rich in stearic acid which has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol levels and the gallic acid which is extremely good for the cardio. Dark chocolate also promotes good digestion and prevents cancer. The goodness of dark chocolate does not end here because the special bioactive compounds present in dark chocolate are also great for your skin. The flavonols present in dark chocolate protects the skin against sun damage and at the same time improves the blood flow to the skin and it also increases the skin density and hydrates it as well. Dark chocolate may also improve the function of the brain and ensures that it works in a swift manner. The best part about dark chocolate is the Cocoa as it significantly improves the cognitive function in children as well as elderly people with mental impairment. Moreover, it also improves the verbal fluency and a number of other risk factors for diseases. It is also not unknown that Cocoa also contains several stimulant substances like theobromine and caffeine, which improves short term brain functions and keeps you energetic, active and alert.

The goodness of dark chocolate does not end with this. You can add dark chocolate to a number of recipes, especially desserts like brownie, choco dip cookies, brownie muffins, chocolate and apple pankckaes, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate chiffon pie and more. These recipes will surely delight little ones and your guests. Dark chocolate also makes an excellent beauty regime. This product is now available on the internet; therefore you can buy 100gm dark Chocolate by Chocolate Palace online and get it delivered to your door step with a simple click.

Key Features at a glance
100 gms pack

Neatly packed

Mouth watering taste

Good for heart and lowers blood pressure

Good for skin

Ideal for making desserts

Product Details
Brand Chocolate Palace
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 100 grams

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