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Circle Gaming Cabinet CC 820 without SMPS
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Circle Gaming Cabinet CC 820 without SMPS

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Product Description

Gaming is a new and widespread phenomena which has taken the youth community by a storm and there are a large number of gamers who use latest and technology intensive gadgets to get the best games and gaming experience. The gaming revolution is not restricted to just the gadgets but also to computers and many gamers buy computers and desktops to play games, and get them customized with the latest specifications, high end graphics and a lot many features, all for an additional and exorbitant cost. For all these gamers and game enthusiasts whose life revolves around trying to crack the latest games and having a hands on experience of the awesome game world, the Circle Gaming Cabinet CC 820 without SMPS is the perfect companion for them. The product not only is custom made for the enthusiastic and overtly game loving populace but also has the latest tech features which can be great for all the techies and gadget lovers. The device is a beast when it comes to gaming and features a large number of ports to plugin your favorite gaming devices and add-ons, space and support for the graphics and extensions, great performance motherboard which can give a high performance when coupled with proper power supply and enough drive bays and expansion slots to put in your favorite games and get started.

Small, compact and well structured product

The Circle Gaming Cabinet CC 820 without SMPS is a perfect fit for your gaming circuit in your own home or room and is the ultimate powerhouse when it comes to running high powered and latest games. The cabinet is compact yet it has proper space for external attachments, graphics and extensions, fans and power supply and extensions for drives and bays. The large number of ports allow you to plug in your favorite gaming equipments and gears and use them during normal game play. Or you can also transfer files and install games via USB and other ports and use them to connect to other devices. This makes the product very unique in the sense that it can connect to so many thing at the same instant.

A small package powerhouse

The Circle Gaming Cabinet CC 820 without SMPS is made of a steel black body and sits tight and looks great even in the dullest of backgrounds or areas. The inner frame has a powerful motherboard and expansion slots for ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX and multiple fans to keep the high powered device cool and help it to function normally even under high pressure under which most normal computers hang or shut down. There are 7 3.5 inch drive bays and 3 5.25 inch drive bays for easily inserting discs and compatible media devices for transferring files and playing games. The front audio and video ports allow you to stream the games on television or any other media device that is compatible and there is also the HD port which allows you to play the games in high quality. There are a number of USB ports to increase the functionality and improve the sharing and transfer capability of the device.

Great accessibility and portability

The Circle Gaming Cabinet CC 820 without SMPS is a product that is highly compact and easily portable should you decide to change your place of playing or your computer positioning. You can easily change the inner devices and replace then or enhance them without the need to call an engineer. This makes it easier to repair or use whenever there is a problem. This makes the Circle Gaming Cabinet CC 820 without SMPS a great product which is simple to use yet a powerful gaming machine. So if you want to own the product, go to and place your order to get the best prices and attractive discounts.

Product Features

  • Material: Steel Black Body
  • Compatible Motherboard: ATX / MICRO ATX / MINI - ITX
  • Expansion Slots: 7 , External 3.5 inch Drive Bays: 3, External 5.25 inch Drive Bays: 3
  • Front Audio Ports: 2 HD-Audio / AC 97 ::: Front USB Ports 2.0: 1 ::: FRONT USB PORTS 3.0: 1
  • 120mm LED Fan: 1
Product Details
Manufacturer Circle
Brand Circle
Model Number CC820
Colour Name Black

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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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