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Cisco E900 Linksys Wireless-N Router

Cisco E900 Linksys Wireless-N Router

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Product Description

Internet has changed our lives in more ways than one. The Internet has become the first source of information for most people today. Even you would first check any information on the Internet if you are in doubt. With the advent of e-commerce, the Internet has become even more vital in our lives. These days most people shop on the internet for a variety of products ranging from apparel to footwear and from electronics to jewellery. This is the main reason why most houses are installed with internet modems and other devices that allow easy access to the net. Most people carry dongles or data cards that allow you to connect to the Internet, whenever you need to go online. For homes, more and more people are getting wireless routers installed. Wireless routers are quite different from data cards and offer a number of advantages. They are speedier than data cards and offer better signal strength than other internet access devices. In addition, by getting a wireless router in the house, you can access internet from any part of your house. This is particularly useful when you are working at home or have devices such as mobile phones, gaming consoles that can be connected to the Internet. If you are looking for a good quality router that can help you get internet access anywhere at home, here's a product that you are sure to love.

The Cisco E900 Linksys Wireless N Router is a very useful product that can help you set up a network connection in your home easily. This product is from the house of the reputed brand Cisco which is well known for its high quality product. This product offers high speed internet access up to speeds of 300Mbps for fast wireless transfer rates. This device will offer you a stable connection and reliable range because of its MIMO antenna technology. This device has four Ethernet ports which you can use to connect your wired broadband connection. You can easily set up a personal network connection using this device and it is supportive of Windows and Mac OS. When setting up a network, it is also important to keep safety and security in mind. The Internet is a dangerous place and there are several threats lurking in the innumerable websites available on it. This device can help you secure your network from phishing and other such threats through its advanced security features such as the WPA2 and wireless encryption. It also comes with an integrated firewall software that will help you keep dangerous elements away from your network. Hence, you can enjoy seamless connectivity with this device, without worrying about thefts and phishing.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Cisco, which is well known company world wide. Other products from the company include desktop switches, load balancing routers, modems etc.

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Product Features

  • Wireless router without modem
  • Wi-Fi Sharing: Ethernet and WAN
Product Details
Manufacturer Cisco Linksys
Manufacturer Part Number Cisco Linksys E900 Wireless-N Router
Brand Cisco
Model Number Cisco Linksys E900
Item Package Quantity 1

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