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Classic Black Colored Fireplace Electric Heater With Remote Control by Bionaire - Model Number BFH5000 - UM
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Classic Black Colored Fireplace Electric Heater With Remote Control by Bionaire - Model Number BFH5000 - UM

Brand Bionaire
Model Number BFH5000-UM
Colour Black
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Product Description

Its winter time and you just do not have have enough blankets to keep you warm at night! Winters tend to be extremely harsh at times. and contolling the temperature is impossible. Therefore to keep yourself warm in winters you must buy the Bionare Fireplace with Electric Heater. Winters may not last for a long time in tropical countries but those few days can be extremely chilly so keep yourself warm with this Electric Heater!  Buy this heater online and get it delivered in a few days!


The Bionare Firepalce with Electric Heater is extremely well designed and will give your room a very trendy look. The heater has realisticly designed logs and embers on it giving it a rustic feel.  The product weighs about 16.5 kgs and the dimensions of the heater are 79.4 cm x 10.2 cm x 60.7 cm. Therefore, the Bionare Firepalce with Electric Heater does not take up too much space in your room! The product does not need wood or coal therefore, saves you the dilemma of having to cut and collect wood or coal.  The heater also does not have the open fire system nor do you have to use propane, thus you do not have to worry about fumes or things catching on fire!  You can mount the heater on the wall or you can place it on the floor, as you wish! The heater comes in a classy and trendy black colour, which shall fit in with your other furnitures beautifully! Shop for this beautiful Bionare Firepalce with Electric Heater from the comfort of your own home and have a warm and comfortable winter!


The Bionare Firepalce with Electric Heater includes many beautiful features making it extremely exciting for the user while using the product! The Electric Heater Bionare Firepalce with Electric Heater has a progammable digital display and thermostat, therefore, you can increase and decrease the temperature whenever you want. It has a 12 hour on and off timers so in case you fall asleep without switching off the heater, the heater  will automatically turn off and will not over heat the room. The Bionare Firepalce with Electric Heater comes with a remote control, therefore you can increase or decrease the temperature or switch it off without having to move an inch from your bed or chair. The heater  comes with all the hardware so that you can mount it on the wall! It has an additional fan inside which helps in distributing the heat equally in the room. The Bionare Firepalce with Electric Heater comes with a tip over protection and over heat protection. Buy this heater online now and find it delivered at your door in a few days after your order! 


Like all electrical products, the Bionare Firepalce with Electric Heater too might get spoiled due to water spill. Water might seep inside ruining the wires completely. Make sure no cloth or paper is kept on the heater, they might catch on fire, which will lead to horrible accidents. While cleaning the product use a dry soft cotton cloth. Make sure children do not touch the heater especially when the product is switched on. Follow the manual's guidelines carefully. Make sure you not clean the product with anything sharp, it might lead to unwanted scratch marks. Do not forget to switch off the heater when not needed. Get this stylish heater now! Its low on maintenance but delivers good service! It comes with a manufacturer's limited warranty for a 1 year.

Key Highlights

Realistic glowing logs and ambers

Programmable digital display


12 Hour on and off timer 

Includes remote control

You can place it on the floor or mount it on the wall

Includes hardware for wall mounting

A fan that disperses heat quickly through out the room

About the Brand

Bionare is an electronics brand that believes in delivering high quality products with innovative designs. They believe in delivering the best electronic products and is an extremely popular brand among online shoppers. They have dozens of engineers, product developers, and testing staff to ensure that they deliver the best product. They are always innovating new designs and products and believe in only selling high quality products!

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Get this product online right now and you will not be disappointed. You are saved from the extra hassle of having to pay for delivery since the delivery is absolutely free!

Product Features

  • Electric fireplace heater with realistic glowing logs and embers
  • Programmable digital display, thermostat, 12-hour on and off timer
  • Includes remote control, floor stand, and hardware for wall mounting
  • Measures 31 by 4 by 23 inches; 1-year limited warranty
  • 1500 Watt Max; 1 Year Limited Warranty
Product Details
Manufacturer Bionaire
Brand Bionaire
Model Number BFH5000-UM
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 16.5 kg
Product Dimensions 79.4 cm x 10.2 cm x 60.7 cm

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