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Classic Mosquito Net

Classic Mosquito Net

Size 200X200X160
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Product Description

Cara classic mosquito net (200x 200 x 160)

Give your family a happy protection from mosquitoes with cara classic mosquito net. This high quality mosquito net is made from the poly propylene (PP) and with colored borders it is stylish as well as well functional. In big cities with the growing development, industrialization and population there is another thing that is on rise and that is pollution and garbage. It is just unthinkable that you are in a big city, whatever season it may be that you won't find garbage and pollution in there. One of biggest result of this garbage is the growth in number o f mosquitoes and the dangerous diseases they carry along all the time. Dengue, malaria, filaria, chicken guniya, the list is long and many of these diseases are often fatal. The very thought that a mere mosquito bite could even cause you your life is a very dreadful thought. Although there are various other mosquito repelling options are available in the market, but we all have tried them and they have been ineffective. The most effective and tested method to be safe from mosquito is the good old mosquito net.

Unlike the older mosquito net, this one comes in a nice and stylish design so that it won't look odd and would in no manner cause any damage to the aura and look of your bedroom. Plus it is made from very strong poly propylene (PP) material, so you will be passing on this mosquito net to further generations. Children are the ones who are in the biggest need of this product, due to their fragile immunity system and childish carelessness they are more prone to all the dangerous diseases that mosquitoes carry in their minute sting. So, put it on their bed, tuck them in to sleep and have a good relaxed sleep for yourself also. One of the biggest advantage of this product is that it allows to open your doors and windows, and let in a cool natural breeze which very healthy and sweet and far more superior than the costly, dangerous to environment artificial cooling of ACs and fans which are also no friend to your health.

This is a very light weight, easy on eyes and well sized mosquito net, which will fit on any bed. So, hurry up, don't think too much and give your family a precious gift of a safe and sweet good night sleep.

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Product Features

  • Size of Double bed is 200*200*145 cms (i.e. 6.15*6.15*5 ft) can easily accommodate bed from 5'x6' to 6.5'x6.5'
  • Easily washable (corrosion resistant), Self supporting, no requirement of Nail
  • Pops up in an instant and Automatically, Can be folded in seconds (Less than 30 seconds)
  • Storage bag included at free of cost
  • Provided with large zipper gates on two sides for easy and convenient entry and exit
Product Details
Manufacturer Classic
Manufacturer Part Number 8765683
Brand Classic Mosquito Net
Colour Name Light blue
Size 200X200X160
Item Package Quantity 1

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