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Deff Cleave Metallic Aluminium Bumper Case Cover for Apple iPhone 5 - Silver

Deff Cleave Metallic Aluminium Bumper Case Cover for Apple iPhone 5 - Silver

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Product Description

Deff Cleave Metallic Aluminium Bumper Case Cover for Apple iPhone 5 - Silver, is a must have accessory for your iPhone as that's exactly what you need to safeguard your phone and to make it look more stylish. It is a high quality aluminium alloy material to provide the protection your phone needs. It is an excellent accessory to increase the durability and rigidity of the phone. It has shock absorbing features which help to prevent your phone to shatter into pieces due to shock that it might suffer due to any fall or any other external damage. It is lined with soft material inside the case. It is ultra light in weight so your phone won't put on any weight due to the cover. The Draco IV uses state of the art machining technology like five axis CNC to give a great product. The model no. of the product is gz213969.

The cover effortlessly fits for iPhone 5. It is available in silver colour which will give your phone a richer look and compliment your personality. It will also work for all occasions, whether a party or a formal meet. It is a master piece in itself with its curves and lines so perfect, and beautifully submerging with your iPhone 5. If you just bought an iPhone 5, or have one, then you must own this accessory, it is exactly what you need, style and safety all in one. This beautiful design is going to blow away your mind. iPhone is like the most precious commodity for everyone these days. Almost every other person owns an iPhone, and that's a fact. Hence, its security and damage safety is of the utmost importance. This is where this bumper case cover enters the fray!

About the Brand

Gizmeup Collections is an online store dealing in all kinds of electronic gadgets and accessories. Their business philosophy is simple: "High quality, low price." They try to provide latest products at the best prices. To accommodate different kind of customer needs, they offer flexible payment methods, like major credit cards, cheques, demand drafts. They provide fast response on phone support or via one-working-day email answers. Their technicians and designers make their website easy to use. They have no minimum order restrictions, they provide with their best prices. They are a rapidly growing organisation which is feeding the demands of their ever increasing customer base. Their quality control team ensures that nothing gets put in stock which doesn't meet their quality standards thus they inspect their each and every product before shipment to the customer so as to have customer satisfaction. For some products the brand name is enough in itself to attract potential customers, and this is one such product. Apple has been the hallmark of consistency and cutting edge technology for a number of decades now. Constant innovation is the key to their long lasting stay at the top.

The product Deff Cleave Metallic Aluminium Bumper Case Cover for Apple iPhone 5 has been prepared by the experts and the specialised staff of Gizmeup Collection under impeccable professional working conditions. It has been tested to work flawlessly under duress and all such dire conditions to give you the most wholesome end user experience. The of Gizmeup Collection's customer care will always be at your disposal, only a button click or a phone call away, catering to your needs 24*7, for 365 days a year. Over the years, they have garnered a highly extensive nation-wide popularity thanks to their product quality, customer service, and marketing expertise. It would be safe to mention that the product stocks are limited as the demands are increasing day by day for such products.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and buy this product exclusively from at a very reasonable price.  

Product Features

  • This deff iphone 5 case is designed By Deff Japan The amazing contours and curves
  • masterpiece of craftsmanship but also engineering design for absorbing impact and distribute
  • DRACO IV uses the most sophisticated five-axis CNC machining technology
  • With toughness and ultra lightweight, making it the perfect candidate for protective phone
Product Details
Manufacturer Gizmeup Collections
Brand Gizmeup Collections
Model Number gz213969
Colour Name Silver
Item Package Quantity 1

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Cheap Good looking aluminium bumper 24 April, 2013 On
    I just bought this bumper. My first impression was that is a very good bumper for Rs. 749. It looks good on the iPhone 5 (I bought the black one for my black iPhone 5). installation was very easy but i have one complaint. i had to put extra packing, other than the already provided packing foam, because it was a bit loose. The phone didn't come out or anything but it was not sturdy. Overall it is a good bumper especially for those who are bored with the old plastic or silicon cases.
    P.S - I dont have any reception problems whatsoever.
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