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Cloe BR0183H2238C cotton sports bra

Cloe BR0183H2238C cotton sports bra

Cup Size C
Chest Size 96.5 cm/38 inches
Brand Cloe
Material 94%COTTON 6%SPANDEX
Colour Pink
Size 38C
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Overview: Cloe BR0183H2238C cotton sports bra

Wearing a well fitted and comfortable innerwear plays an essential role when you are stepping out for a work out. Here you felt the need to choose a right type of bra which will ensures that you can enjoy your entire day while moving from one place to the other. Be it a requirement of wearing a bra for the yoga session or travelling, you need to make sure that the innerwear will make you feel comfortable. With this cotton bra from Cloe you will get to experience the ultimate comfort of wearing an undergarment. The smart design of this inner garment will fit well with your bust area and ensures that you can run, move and enjoy your day to day works easily. The use of premium quality material in this bra will fit well with your figure and you can wear them withy different types of outfits.

Material and design

This soft and comfortable bra has been designed from cotton material. This use of cotton material  makes sure that the user can wear it for long hours. Along with this, the rich fabric of this bra will protect your skin from irritation or rash. Be it a summer or winter, in every season you can choose this bra to wear under a wide range of fashionable and sports outfit. This Cloe Cotton bra comes with a bright red colour. Along with this, the designers have included turquoise piping work on the red base of this bra. This beautiful combination of colour and material makes this bra a stylish one to wear with your sports outfit. The bra has been sized 38C. this smart design of the bra will fit with the shape of your bust easily and balanced the bust area while you are doing yoga or working out in gym.

The front part or the cups of this bra comes with a  smart center seam. This design takes the shape of the bust area. Both these cups have been joined by using a higher center gore styling. This feature ensures that the user can wear this inner garment quite comfortably.  This features also balances the bust area and makes sure that the bra will be at its position. The use of double layer  fabric on these cups gives comfort and support to the bust area. The designers from Cloe have been used elastic trim  at arm hole allows the user to wear this comfortably. As the strap of this bra does not feature any buckle system, so the user needs not to adjust the bra frequently like ordinary bras. Simply wear it and this bra will fit with your bust area. This inner garment comes with a soft and comfortable high side support, this will balance the bust area from the back and side and ensure that you need not to pay attention to fit it with the bust area constantly.

The backside of this bust area features a rocker style design. This will go well with a wide range of sports outfit. Be it a sports outfit for playing badminton or yoga outfit, this bra will go well with different types of outfits equally. Being made from the premium quality cotton material, this bra is easy to wear in different seasons. Being light in weight, you can also wear for all day long. The lower part of this Cloe cotton bra features firm elastic band. This band will keep this bra in place without leaving any stretch mark or scar on the bust area.

Styling tips

You can wear this bra under various types of sports wear. If you are not comfortable with the buckle attached bras, then you can opt for this sports bra to make your outings more comfortable. As this bra comes with a bright red colour, you need to wear an outfit with a dark shade. The formal, party and sports wear with a dark shade will gho well with this inner garment.

How to Maintain

To maintain this comfortable cotton sports bra, you need to clean it regularly. Wash it separately. Hand wash has been suggested for it. Use a mild detergent to wash  this cotton bra. Avoid bleach. This may damage the fabric and fade the colour. Avoid using brush on this bra. Once the cleaning has been done, dry it in the sunlight. If you want to wear this bra on consecutive days, then you need to hang it on hanger and dry the excess sweat from the bra. To get this well fitted cotton bra at your doorstep buy Cloe cotton sports bra online.

Special features

This bra has been designed from cotton material

Red colour has been used with special turquoise pipeline

Elastic trim at arm hole which fits easily with the body

This bra  has been designed for the 38C bust size

Smart racer back style

Double layer fabric

Center seam takes the bust shape easily

Product Details
Cup Size C
Chest Size 96.5 cm/38 inches
Manufacturer Cloe
Brand Cloe
Model Number BR0183H2238C
Material 94%COTTON 6%SPANDEX
Colour Pink
Size 38C

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