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Coastal Scents Smoky Eyes Brush Set

Coastal Scents Smoky Eyes Brush Set

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Overview: Coastal Scents Smoky Eyes Brush Set

Looking gorgeous requires the help of not just the right makeup but also the right type of make-up brush set too. If you are not satisfied with the make-up brush set that you have, or if you do not have a good make-up brush set then you should buy this smoky eyes brush set to ensure that you have every kind of make-up brush at your disposal. There are 5 different types of brushes in total encased in a leatherette cover. Do not compromise with your look any more. Buy Coastal Scents Smoky Eyes Brush Set online and get it conveniently delivered to your doorstep. The 5 different types of brushes will cater to all your different make-up needs while the faux leather case ensures appropriate protection for the brushes. In other words, Coastal Scents has offered a complete package in the form of this smoky eyes brush set.

Details about Coastal Scents Brush Set

The set of make-up brushes presented by Coastal Scents is not just another collection of applicators. The Smoky Eyes brush set has been created keeping in mind your many requirements. The 5 brushes included in the pack are completely different and cater to totally different purposes. The brushes are stored in a plush cover made of faux leather. There are 5 separate slots in the cover to hold the brushes. The cover has 3 panels. The middle one is for the holders while the left one contains a manual that offers tips on how you can use the different types of brushes. Additional tips are also provided for improvisation. You can follow the stepwise instructions provided on the manual in order to achieve a totally well made-up look. Using the set of brushes and your make-up kit you will look fabulous. The faux leather cover is black in colour and firmly wraps around the Coastal Scents brushes and holds them in place. The design of the brush set cover is simplistic and elegant. You can carry the set along with you anywhere you want for touching up during the day.

Style tips & How to use the product

The angled liner included in this kit of the make-up brushes is one of the most useful brushes. It has been designed to cater multiple purposes. You can use it as an eyeliner brush on your lash line as well as on you brows for filling in. You should know that it is a highly user-friendly item as it is very easy to manoeuvre. The slanted angle of the bristle has been designed to provide you with maximum utility. If you want to apply eyeliner, you have to begin from the inner corner of your eyes. Place the brush and move it along your lash line as you draw the bristles across your eyelid. Creating a winged or cat-eye look is easy with the help of this brush as all you need to do is pull out the brush slightly beyond the edge of your eyes.

If you have sparse eye brows, know that you are not alone. However, if you want to look perfect during any event, you can use the angled brush to fill in and cover sparse eyebrows. The bristles of this brush are made of synthetic fibres. The medium shadow brush made of pony hair is perfect for applying eye-shadow colour. Its short bristles form a rounded and firm end in order to provide intense pigmentation over your eye lid. The right way to apply eye shadow using this brush is to move the brush outwards from inner corner of your eye lids. The dome smudger and large shadow applicator in the Coastal Scents 5-brush leatherette set is also made of pony hair. Both the brushes are appropriate for smudging and you can use them according to your sense of improvisation. Another immensely useful brush included is the blender. It is the ultimate item for blending and can define your lid precisely. All you have to do is to dip the bristles with a circular motion into the eye shadow. Before you apply, tap the brush to dust off the excessive shadow. The application should start from the outer corner of the eyelid. The right way of blending is to move the bristles like a windshield wiper.

Maintenance and care

The proper way of cleaning make-up brushes is to use a reliable cleaner that is available in the market. You should spray the make-up brush sanitizer onto a flat surface and move the bristles to and fro on the area that is sprayed with the cleaner. Press the bristles against the surface. This cleans the make-up residue on the brush and sanitises the brushes too. Once a while you can use shampoo too for cleaning your brushes thoroughly. Add just a little shampoo into luke warm water and swirl the brushes after dipping the bristles into the liquid. Rinse thoroughly for proper cleaning. Do not squeeze the bristles after cleaning. Just lay them flat on a towel to dry. Placing the brushes vertically after cleaning loosens the bristles. This brush set is something that every woman needs. Whether you apply make-up everyday or occasionally, this set of makeup brushes will be your new best friend. So why wait? Shop online for this range of make-up brushes and do away with your make-up hassles.

About Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents is a renowned bath and beauty products manufacturer since 2005. It produces both ingredients and readymade products. The company has multiple products like makeup, makeup brushes and many more products.

Key Highlights

5 different brushes

Pony hair, goat hair and synthetic bristles

Faux leather cover

Stepwise instructions and tips manual

Features: Coastal Scents Smoky Eyes Brush Set

  • This set contains 5 natural and synthetic brushes
  • Set includes the following brushes:
  • Large Shadow, Medium Shadow
  • Blender, Angled Liner, and Dome Smudger
  • Professional grade brushes should be washed before use
Product Details
Manufacturer Coastal Scents
Brand Coastal Scents
Model Number BR-SET-019
Theme designated-beauty
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 16.5 cm x 9.9 cm x 1.9 cm

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