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Cobblerz Women Boot-Beige

Cobblerz Women Boot-Beige

Brand Cobblerz
Colour Beige
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Overview: Cobblerz Beige Shoes

One of the most unique and stylish boots you will ever find. The Cobblerz Women Boot is one of those boots which you fall in love with at first glance. The design so very refreshing and is very different from the many boots you will find online. The orthodox designs of boots do not cut it nowadays so here is something different and unique which will make you smile. The wonderful finishing on the boots is what makes it such an eye catcher. It's got nothing fancy but the elegance of the boot sets it apart from every other footwear you will ever find. The design of the boot is a simple as it can get no extra fringes or strips of clothing to make it stand out. The colour beige makes it look stunning with a mellow look. The boot doesn't have laces rather it is a slip on. There is a piece of elastic which keep sit snug around the ankle. All you have to do is slip it one and go off. You will not have to bother with tying laces or buckling up belts. The double stitch on the ankle part of the boots looks cute and feels amazing. It doesn't hurt your feet in anyway. The soft velvet texture of the boot feels amazing against the skin. It will leave you in a heaven of joy when you wear in in any season.

The wonderful velvet material keeps your boot looking new all the time since it doesn't crack and wear out like leather. However you will have to take care of this shoe just like any other. Washing it from time to me will increase its longevity. The sole is a thing rubber one which is comfortable to step into and will not leave your feet swollen when you wear the show for a long time. This is one of those shoes which will always feel comfy no matter how long you are wearing it. It looks amazing with a skirt or shorts. It is not a boot you can wear with any official dress but looks great among anything you wear as casuals. The bootslook amazing when worn with a black flowing skirt and jus throw on a shirt or a top. You will be able to create simple looks which will look amazing when you wear this shoe. The smooth texture of the velvet breaks in two places and creates two lines which give the shoe a distinct edge. One is the place where the heels are. You will see a flowing stitch along the line and it looks amazing the other one is a curving stitch which starts at the outer side of the ankle and goes down in a curve to meet the lower heel stitch. These great a wonderful design also the ankle of the shoe become crumpled when worn which creates an elvish look which is very cute. You will be comfortable all the time when you wear this shoe. This shoe is one of the most unique shoes you can find online and can be worm in any season. You can buy this boot for a mind boggling low price at www.junglee. com. Go and buy it. You will have no regrets when you buy this shoe.

Product Details
Brand Cobblerz
Colour Beige

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