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Formula 1 2013 (PS3)

Formula 1 2013 (PS3)

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Overview: Formula 1 2013

The F1 2013 is a racing game, designed and developed by Codemasters, based on the Formula One season 2013, using their Ego game technology engine. If you are a Formula One fan, it comes as a real delight to you. This racing video game, the fifth Formula One game in the F1 franchise, features all the cars, star-racers and the circuits from the 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship. To add to this, it also comes with Classic Content (an exclusive F1 Masters - 1980s pack); and cars, drivers and circuits from the 1980s. This version of the game is specifically crafted for playing with Play station 3 gaming consoles. One of the advantages of this video game is that it is ideal to be played by everyone, irrespective of the age, as it is given a rating of 3 by PEGI (Pan European Game Information).

Game Modes

Apart from the unique, thrilling single-player mode, the F1 2013 comes with more exciting modes, such as F1 Classics, split screen multi-player, online multi-player, scenario, career, season challenge and young drivers test modes.

F1 Classics Mode It is a new, expansive game mode introduced by the legendary broadcaster Murray Walker. You will be given a wonderful opportunity to race popular cars from great teams, such as Ferrari, Williams and Team Lotus against the famous racing icons, including Nigel Mansell, Mario Andretti and Gerhard Berger.

Split Screen Multi-player Mode It is a fantastic feature included in this Formula One game that allows you to race with a friend when you are offline.

Online Multi-Player ModeThe online multi-player mode lets you race with a league of up to 16 players online for a real-life racing experience.

Young Drivers Test Mode It tests your handling, cornering and braking skills in both wet and dry weather conditions. Young drivers test offers you all the necessary techniques to progress, from a beginner to an elite racing car driver, based on the real world event.

Scenario ModeIt is a new addition to this version of the game which allows you to take control of your custom driver and overcome 20 unique racing challenges. Each of this challenge represents a time in your Formula One career, starting from the first race of your rookie period to the last race of your final year.

Career Mode It enables you to create your own racer to join a team as a rookie. Right from that point, you will be racing through a season that consists of full, three day race weekends. If you are able to perform well, you will gain upgrades for your car and even a contract offer from some better teams. Better teams can offer you more sophisticated cars, better teammates to race with and great possibilities to upgrade, if you can rise up to their expectation.

Season Challenge ModeIf you are looking for a challenge without any time commitment, you can choose the season challenge mode. It provides a ten race seasons with five laps per race and one-shot qualifying races. You can choose another driver as your opponent and try to defeat him over the course of the season to get his position on his team.


This Formula One game is geared with 19 tracks of the 2013 championship, along with two historic circuits, namely the Brands Hatch of Great Britain and the Circuito de Jerez of Spain.


This simulation racing game features all 11 teams and twenty-two drivers, who competed in the 2013 F1 season, nineteen circuits and Grands Prix. Players are also allowed to use old cars on new tracks and new cars on old tracks. It begins with the young driver test at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, regardless of your skill level or your familiarity with this sport.

With unbeatable mechanical excellence, incredible visual design, powerful cars and beautiful circuits, this racing game excels beyond your imagination, providing you with a next-level virtual-word racing experience.

Features: Formula 1 2013

  • publisher: Codemasters

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