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Coido 6133 12-volt Cyclonic Power Car Vacuum Cleaner

Coido 6133 12-volt Cyclonic Power Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Model Number coido6133
Material Plastic
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Product Description

If you have been facing regular trouble in cleaning the accumulated dust from your prized automobile, then you have enough reasons to rejoice as you have this extraordinary solution to your need. This Coido 6133 Cyclonic Power Car Vacuum Cleaner is an extraordinary device that has been designed with special care to be highly efficient in cleaning your car. It is sleek and portable and has updated features to be of maximum use. When you possess a high quality automobile, it is also necessary that you have the ideal product for its maintenance. With this advanced car vacuum cleaner, you can bid farewell to all the dust and dirt that accumulate on the interior of automobiles. You will get a fresh ambiance for your car n a fuss free manner with this exclusive product in your possession. So, go ahead and shop online for Coido 6133 Cyclonic Power Car Vacuum Cleaner today.

Special Features:

This unique Coido 6133 Cyclonic Power Car Vacuum Cleaner comes as a complete package so that you get all the necessary equipments to clean automobiles with. There are three different types of nozzles provided that offers the maximum cleaning in an instant. They perform by means of suction and remove the dust particles in an effortless fashion. The car vacuum cleaner also possesses a washable filter so that you can get an unsoiled surface for the cleaner after using it without any difficulty. There is also a free carry bag provided with the package. You can store the device within the bag that features the appropriate dimensions for housing it in a safe and secure fashion. The materials that have been used in its making are of premium quality so that it is durable and can be used with ease. The device features easy operational features and will not at all be complicated to use. The cleaner has been engineered in a smart fashion so that you can reach out to even the hardly accessible areas within your car without any trouble and get them cleaned. It is both a wet and dry vacuum cleaner and delivers powerful suction performance by picking up the dust and water particles from the surface of the automobile. The Coido 6133 Cyclonic Power Car Vacuum Cleaner operates on a power of 130 Watts and 12 Volts only. It is therefore, a very eco-friendly and cost-effective option to get your automobile cleaned. Additionally, it is CE and ROHS certified and thus the performance can be guaranteed. The device features a sleek and updated design. It is light in weight and very portable. There are the proper buttons to guide you and the handle to offer you a firm grip while you are using the cleaner.


The Coido Vacuum Cleaner features a compact shape and has been designed in an eco-friendly manner. Using the device is extremely simple and easy. Automobiles are especially prone to carrying a lot of dust after usage. With this cleaner, you can easily remove all of it from the surface. Make your rides more interesting and fresh using this modern product that offers a hygienic ambiance to your precious possession. The device is safe to use, being certified by the CE and RoHS directives. It also has a transparent surface from which you can get an idea about the amount of dust it has collected. The appliance has multiple usages and is highly durable. Moreover, you can use it under both wet and dry conditions. There are the three nozzles offered with which it is equipped to suck out the soiled water, dust and minute dry dirt from even the least accessible areas of your car. You can use it in a convenient fashion and get a tidy and healthy atmosphere for your car. Having been engineered from the best of raw materials, it will not at all take much effort to maintain the Vacuum Cleaner. It can be powered using the cigarette lighter assigned on your vehicle and will operate in an environment friendly manner.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Coido

Manufacturer: Coido

Model Number: Coido6133

Power Requirement: 130 Watt

In the Box: 1 Car Vacuum Cleaner, 3 Nozzles, Carry Bag

Package Content: 1 Unit

Therefore, do not wait any further. Get this valuable vacuum cleaner for your car and make the optimum use of it. You can own this with just a simple click of the mouse. Buy the Coido 6133 Cyclonic Power Car Vacuum Cleaner online. Get it delivered to your doorstep. Buy online. Order now. Hurry!

Product Features

  • Provides powerful suction for cleaning
  • 3 nozzles is included for hard to reach areas
  • Washable filter is easy to clean
  • Easily pick up water and dust particles
  • CE and ROHS certified
Product Details
Manufacturer Coido
Manufacturer Part Number 6133
Brand Coido
Model Number coido6133
Material Plastic
Item Package Quantity 1

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