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Coido 6139 12V Vaccum Cleaner-White

Coido 6139 12V Vaccum Cleaner-White

Brand Coido
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Overview: Coido 6139 12V Vaccum Cleaner-White

A cold storage has become a basic necessity in today's life, and at the same time conservation of energy is also a major concern. The modern day technologies have come up with refrigerators that can store food for a longer time and also reducing the amount of energy consumption. The Samsung 195 L RA20HCLP1/CTL Refrigerator is the perfect choice that fulfills all the criteria of the present day needs. With a single door, the refrigerator opens to you a world of fresh foods and also helps in preserving the vegetables and fruits.

The refrigerator has a capacity of 195 l, and has features that save energy and keep the food hygienic. There is enough space for an ample amount of food to store. The cabinets inside the fridge are shaped in such way that you can keep fruits and vegetables of different shapes and sizes comfortably. Moreover, the cabinets are rust and scratch resistant, so it keeps the food clean and also maintains an elegant look. The shelves are made up of tough glasses that can withstand enough weights. So, this gives an advantage to storing more food on the shelves.

The inside of the refrigerator has a wide air flow maintaining a cool temperature in very part of it sustaining the coolness for a longer period of time. The direct cool air flow and the Automatic defrosting system enhances the performance of the refrigerator and also keeps the foods fresh and healthy for a longer period of time.

The Samsung 195 L RA20HCLP1/CTL Refrigerator has only one door and has an anti-fungal door gasket that avoids the growth of any infectants, such as bacteria or fungus. It thus keeps the refrigerator hygienic and prevents any form of food contamination. The refrigerator has a very elegant and stylish look; the single design adds charm to the decor of your kitchen. It has a base stand that keeps the refrigerator at a height above the ground making it comfortable for you to easily access the vegetable box at the bottom and other shelves above it as well. The single door refrigerator has a firm grip on the ground makes it able to stand stably on the ground without slipping. Enjoy the summer and avoid food wastage by getting this high performance refrigerator. While enjoying the fresh food, contribute your part for the energy conservation. Shop online the Samsung 195 L RA20HCLP1/CTL Refrigerator, and get it delivered at your doorstep. Samsung is a trusted brand when it comes to home appliances. It has been delivering quality products that meet the needs and acquires the ecstatic satisfaction of the customers. Some of its product categories are washing machines, microwave oven, etc.

Features: Coido 6139 12V Vaccum Cleaner-White

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Brand Coido
Warranty 30 Days Seller Warranty

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