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Coirfit Health Plus: Perfect Backache Cure

Coirfit Health Plus: Perfect Backache Cure

Material Wicker
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Overview: Coirfit Health Plus: Perfect Backache Cure

Most back aches are caused by bad posture, especially while sleeping. A good night sleep will enable you to wake up rested and fresh; however, if you are waking up to body/ back pains, it might be time to change your mattress for a better one. Good mattresses provide support to the body ensuring that the muscles do not get tense and are in their relaxed state. A good coir mattress, provides support to your back while you sleep, letting you get a good night's slumber by resting your entire body, especially your back.

Coirfit is a reliable mattress company, known to produce good quality coir mattresses, which are recommended by many orthopaedic doctors to cure back pains. The mattresses adhere to all the norms proposed by the medical community, and the company takes great care and quality control in manufacturing their 'back ache curing' mattresses. The 'Coirfit Health Plus' is a great buy if you are looking to cure your back ache problems. Made of sturdy coir and soft covering this mattress offers comforting support to your back.

Quality Make

Since the company adheres to all the norms set by the orthopaedic community, Coirfit mattresses come highly recommended for people with back ache problems. The mattress offers spinal support, which adjust to your body movements throughout the night, providing a comfortable and relaxed sleep. The mattress is filled with coir and bonding material, which helps give it a firm structure, yet makes it constantly conform to your body shape, as you turn and move in your sleep.

Eases Back Ache

A good mattress should not be extremely fluffy and soft; in fact such a mattress can actually harm you by constricting the muscles unnecessarily, and end up giving you a sore back by the time you wake up. A hard mattress puts unnatural stress on your hips and shoulders, resulting in the same effect. A good mattress offers proper support and helps support the body in its natural position when sleeping, thus providing good spinal alignment. This optimal spinal alignment reduces stress on your back, and helps relax constricted muscles, allowing you to feel totally rested and sprightly.

Comforting Design

The coir mattress comes with a comfortable foam layered top, which is soft and keeps you warm and comfortable. The soft, durable cloth material which covers the mattress offers a smooth texture and allows for a comforting sleep throughout the night.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is important to turn the mattress around - changing the sides every couple of months to prevent the mattress from taking on a specific shape. This change in position will shift pressure evenly through the mattress, making it last longer.

You can dust the mattress with a soft dry cloth, and in case of stains, clean the stain with a mild detergent and water. Regular maintenance will ensure the longevity of the mattress.

Product Details
Material Wicker

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