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Collection of 5 Pakistani Inspired Embroidered & Printed Dress Material by Khazana

Collection of 5 Pakistani Inspired Embroidered & Printed Dress Material by Khazana

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Product Description

Product Description

Dress materials are the first choice for every girl in India. 'Collection of 5 Pakistani Inspired Embroidered & Printed Dress Material' by Khazana is a pretty dress material set. These Pakistani dresses are very famous for their special embroideries and unique prints. This new straight cut dress pattern gives you a sensual look. These dress patterns are perfect fit for both everyday and occasions which give you a new style and look. Khazana brings you typical Pakistani design prints which are amazing and flamboyant. Factory knit fabric gives the dress material more strength therefore it is easy to get it stitched worth money. The developed new material is made of natural fibre therefore very safe to wear. These limited designer dress prints are a great add to your wardrobe.

A sensual print on the cloth makes it look pretty. Embroidery work at the border and neck gives the elegant look to the stitched dress. These dress materials reflect Mughal style which perfectly suits for traditional occasions. Set of 5 different styles is a good grab for women who wish to maintain a vibrant wardrobe. All the five dress materials are different colour and designed in a unique way. Perfect matching for different designs are also given along with photograph. Designed materials are a good selection for occasions like weddings. Amazing vibrancy in dress materials is added feature to these designs. Perfected to wear for every occasion, these materials are great in terms of comfort.

Design and Style

The first dress is a red print on poly cotton cloth which is a natural derivative. Yellow and black checkers along with Wine Red colour front which is printed elegantly on the neck is a stunning piece of work. A stunning plain skin fit draped pant give the whole dress a perfect look. Second dress is a yellow back ground printed dress which is elegantly printed with great designer work with dark colour patterns. Along with a plain pink pant this salwar is an excellent reflection of beauty. Third dress is shimmer printed dress with pretty Maroon colour. This perfectly reflects the traditional Pakistani style of Mughal printing. Light blue colour repeated small print designer dress comes fourth in this set.

With a perfect coloured dress material, this goes well for every function. Among all 5 dress materials, this is a very trendy piece. Last but never least dress comes in pink colour. Many tints of pink are perfectly printed on the dress without a slight error. Blue design on this pink colour print gives the perfect combination. With a blue pant or legging the dress goes very beautiful. All these addresses are perfectly knit with factory measurements.


these dress materials are printed on a poly cotton material therefore giving a long life time. The pre fixed design fixtures are elegantly placed reducing the wastage of cloth. Amateurs can stitch the material following the patterns. Dry cleaning is the only washing option for the printed material. Don't wash in machine or with heavy detergents. The perfectly printed material should be ironed with great care. Very less heat should be applied as the printed material can lose its impression on ironing.

This particular product has been created and brought out in the market conforming to the latest fashion trends and demands of the market. Fashion, as an industry is too fickle for comfort. Hence, adopting to the growing demands and the changing needs of the public is the only way forward. This is where this product hits all the right chords. Ergo, this can only enhance your fashion quotient by a significant measure, no two ways about it! Without much further ado, satisfy your fashion senses right now!

Now you can own these amazing dress materials online immediately at for a discounted price and amazing deals. brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Details
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