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Black Colored Flip Case Magnetic Closure Enabled Tablet Cover for Lenovo Yoga 2 by Elite

Black Colored Flip Case Magnetic Closure Enabled Tablet Cover for Lenovo Yoga 2 by Elite

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Product Description

Black Colored Flip Case Magnetic Closure Enabled Tablet Cover for Lenovo Yoga 2 by Elite

Want to enjoy your Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet to the fullest? Then protect it using the Flip Case by Elite. With a fantastic design, this cover is solely meant for your 8 inches Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet so that you get to extract all the benefits out of it by always keeping it safe. The case is available to you at a very reasonable rate so go ahead and get it right away. Protect your precious device using the best case that will never go out of style.

The Elite case for the Yoga 2 tablet comes in black color. It is made out of PU leather. PU stands for Polyurethane leather which is a form of artificial leather fabric. This fabric possesses the same characteristics as its original counterpart. PU leather is artificially generated to make it stronger. The case being made out if it is extremely durable. It shall protect your precious tablet from all sorts of damages. The material being strong will not be subjected to any kind of tearing or wearing off. PU leather is also stain resistant. It can also be maintained easily. No polishing required. Just clean it with a cloth and it should suffice.

The Yoga 2 tablet case by Elite is a flipped case. Normally, the cases available in the market lack this feature. Your tablet might slip in easily but you will always have to hold it in your hands whenever it is in use. This is not the case with the Elite case. It comes with a cover than can be flipped to reveal the screen. The cover is padded so that it protects your tablet screen from cracks, damages and liquids. The flip case can be used as a stand. Now exploit your tablet features at your own comfort with the Elite case. You don't need to hold it in your hands! Keep it on the table while you attend your video calls, or play games. You can watch movies and browse the web more comfortably. Use this option in the kitchen where you watch videos and prepare the dinner by placing the tablet on the counter. The case is designed for your convenience!

Some tablet cases might hamper the functioning of the device but the Elite case is especially designed for your Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet. It comes with smooth rounded edges and lets your tablet fit in perfectly. You can also remove and put back your tablet inside without trying too hard. The buttons of the tablet are also easily accessible. You are also able to connect your headset to the audio output with ease. The case comes with a magnetic closure so that your cover remains shut properly when the tablet is not in use.

It becomes simpler to carry your tablet anywhere when it is protected by the Elite flip case. Meant to match the style of the Yoga 2 tablet, this case is its perfect companion. Now freely use your Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet while you get entertained and use the best for its protection. This flip case can be ordered at a very reasonable price only from brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Details
Manufacturer Elite
Manufacturer Part Number EA-09-4111212
Model Number EA54111212

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