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Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner, Black

Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner, Black

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Colour Black
Target Gender Female
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Overview: Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner

Eyeliner can work wonders when applied on a woman's eyes. If you do not prefer heavy makeup, a nice fine line of eyeliner on your eye lid will render you a stylish look. Eyes are an important part of a face and by decorating it perfectly you can get the look you desire in no time. The brand Coloressence brings you a wide range of eyeliners. Among them, the Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner is the best eyeliner for you. Let us check out the features of this eyeliner which makes it a must buy.

How To Use An Eyeliner

We use eyeliner on a day to day basis. Be it in office or college, wearing eyeliner is a must for all. It can not only highlight your eyes but can make them appear bright and wide. The wider your eyes the prettier you look. Hence it is very important to apply eyeliner the right way. First and foremost you have to decide whether you want to apply an eye shadow before applying the eyeliner. If yes, then you choose the colour of the eye shadow and apply on your eyes. The eyeliner can be used over the eye shadow without a problem. You must decide beforehand which design you want to apply for the eyeliner or how much length should the eyeliner cover. It must be remembered that when you apply eyeliner, your hands should be steady and not shaky at all. If your hands shake then the shape may become distorted and you may have to wipe the eyeliner and start the process again. With this eyeliner all you need to do is make a very thin line on the eyelids with the help of the applicator provided with the eyeliner.  After starting from the corner you just have to slide the eyeliner till the end of your eye. This will give you a clean look. You can apply the eyeliner more than once by which you can receive the desired thickness.


Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner is made up of two ingredients which are glycerine and PVPK - 30. When you apply the eyeliner properly you will find that it gives a glossy finish. Unlike other products there is no need to put the eyeliner and wait for it to dry for several minutes. This eyeliner dries up quickly in a blink of an eye. It prevents your eyeliner from getting smudged or smeared. This eyeliner is of a very good quality which makes it last long for 3 to 4 hours. The eyeliner comes inside a 9 ml container which is quite handy and adds to its good compact size. It is very easy to carry and you can take it along wherever you want. Be it inside your purse or makeup kit. It will fit in without a problem. If you want to have a lustrous shine which will render you an attractive look then Shop online Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner, Black and attract compliments from your admirers.

User Friendly Product

The lid of the eyeliner has an applicator attached to it. This ensures no matter which place you are at you can apply the eyeliner the way you want without a problem. The texture is quite thick. This thickness ensures that the eyeliner remains on the eye and does not run down the eye. The body is very precisely designed. The applicator is not too thin neither too thick and it will help you apply the eyeliner the way you want. Sometimes you may not want to look heavily made up; in such instances a little brush up with the eyeliner can complete your look and make you appear as beautiful. Even if you are at your workplace, this eyeliner will last for a longer period of time. This eyeliner will make the perfect gift for your lady love who loves flaunting her beautiful eyes with a redefined look. You can buy online Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner, Black, Coloressence and bring a smile on her face.

About The Brand

Coloressence is a brand which has been producing beauty products since ages. The brand Coloressence brings you a wide variety of eyeliners to choose from. This is a brand, which has secured its position as one of the top companies producing cosmetics. If you buy a product from Coloressence, you will surely not regret the purchase.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the eyeliner is very easy. It must be noted that you keep the eyeliner's lid closed when not in use. This will prevent the liquid eyeliner from drying up. Do not think twice and go ahead buy this eyeliner.

Key Features

Black in colour

Thick eyeliner

9ml container

Features: Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner

  • The ultra classic eyeliner is applied with its special brush to the beginning of the eye lashes at the desired thickness
Product Details
Manufacturer Coloressence
Manufacturer Part Number LE-1
Brand Coloressence
Colour Black
Target Gender Female
Theme eyes, Supreme eyeliner
Item Package Quantity 1

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