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26 Colors Short Universal Men toupee Anime Costumes Cosplay Hair Wig Full Wigs Black AD

26 Colors Short Universal Men toupee Anime Costumes Cosplay Hair Wig Full Wigs Black AD

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Product Description

Finding the perfect wig for your character during your role play in the plays is a very difficult job. L-Email Cosplay brings to you this L-Email Cosplay Men Toupee Anime Cosplay Black Wig for your special role. Bring out the anime character in you by wearing this anime cosplay toupee. This L-Email Cosplay men wig will be the perfect addition to your costume.

Design and Colour

The L-Email Cosplay men wig comes in a black colour which will match the black colour of your hair perfectly, if you have black hair. It will mix so well that it will appear as if it is your natural hair. The wig will fit your head nicely because of the elastic feature of it. The hair is straight just like the hair of any Japanese anime character. The length of the wig is quite long so that you can carry it well and flaunt it with any kind of dress you wear. Be it Indian or western, it will go well with all. The material with which the wig is made up of is Japanese Synthetic Fibre. The material is 100 % pure and has a nice shine on it. The synthetic used in this wig is heat resistant and therefore makes this product safe. The shine will be retained for a long time and will not fade out so easily. This wig comes with an adjustable Monofilament Net which will allow you to keep your wig at the right place. The knitting of the monofilament net is so good that it allows proper ventilation. Air can pass through your hair easily. During summers, wearing wigs are a big problem as they restrict air from getting inside your hair. Buy this wig brought to you by L-Email Cosplay which will let your hair breathe freely and will not let any sweat stick to your scalp. Sweats create a lot of skin problems so proper ventilation is an essential part which should be kept in mind while buying a wig. It is about 21 to 22 inch and can also be worn by women.


If you are experiencing hairfall recently and growing bald day by day then this product is worth a consideration. You can buy Ma anime cosplay toupee online and bid adieu to all the hesitations you had before stepping out of the house. Increase your confidence like never before after wearing this wig. Hair is an essential part of our body which makes us look beautiful. If someone is experiencing problems regarding the growth of their hair they must consider this product. If your hair is thin and unmanageable you can get hold of this wig and it will give you the required volume of hair you desire. The size of the wig can be easily adjustable according to your need. If you want to flaunt a short curly hair then you can fold the wig accordingly and insert a clip on the folded portion. It will enable you have a short hair and you can style as much you want. On the other hand if you want a long hair then you can leave it open as it is. If you have cancer patients at home, you must know that they go through massive hairfall issues due to chemotherapy.  As it is they are going through a lot of pain due to it and the hairfall adds to their misery of fading looks. In order to make them feel comfortable, shop L-Email Cosplay men wig online and let them gain confidence once again.

Maintenance and Care

Taking care of this anime cosplay toupee is very easy. You must keep in mind that keeping the wig inside a box is very important when not in use. This will prevent the wig from getting tangled. It will also prevent dust from on the surface of the wig. The shine of the hair will also be maintained by taking proper care.

Key Features

Adjustable size of the wig

Shiny finish

Looks natural

Black in colour

Japanese Synthetic Fibre used


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