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Colouring Is Fun

Colouring Is Fun

Language English
Contributor(s) A Group of Authors
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Colouring Is Fun

Children love colour, whether it is looking at it or playing with them. 'Colouring is Fun' is a children�s book that not only improves cognitive skills and communication skills, but also kinesthetic skills, skills that enable children to have better movement. Colouring is Fun is an activity book which adheres to all these skills sets. Children learn to name objects, draw them, and also learn how to colour.

Colouring is Fun appeals to children of all ages as drawing and colouring excite them and are a fun activity for every child. At the same time, the book helps them to learn and identify various objects. It also includes activities where the children have to draw the identified objects, as well. Such exercises help in developing their memory and intelligence.

The book is not only useful for children, it also gives an idea to the teachers and parents on how to treat the children and lead them to the learning process. Colouring id Fun gives them the process that could make the learning process both fun and educative. So, if you wish to infuse knowledge and develop the memory power of your children, then this is the perfect choice. Help your kids grow both physically and mentally. Meanwhile, you can, as well, have fun spending time with your children.

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Get it now! This book is listed online with the ISBN-10: 8126426403 and ISBN-13: 978-8126426409. Order it now and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2010
Publisher Mango
Contributor(s) A Group of Authors
Binding Paperback
Edition 1ST
Page Count 32
ISBN 10 8126426403
ISBN 13 9788126426409
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