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Combo Polo + Riding Jacket + Gloves + Kneegard

Combo Polo + Riding Jacket + Gloves + Kneegard

Model Number DFGL057
Colour Black
Material Material,nylon polyester, EVA, plastic,spandex
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About Combo Polo + Riding Jacket + Gloves + Kneegard

If you are planning for a trip on the bike, whether it is on road or a mountain terrain, getting some personal riding gear online would be the right investment to make. Fox Riding gear includes a striking combo offer that includes a riding jacket, gloves, sunglasses, elbow and knee guard. High quality materials like nylon, polyester, EVA, plastic and spandex are used to give you an exclusive product.

The Riding Jacket exhibits rich features that will surely leave bikers awestruck. It is highly durable and stretchable due to the use of lycra and mesh net fabric. The jacket includes a wide elastic waist belt with velcro adjustment strap. The design and make of the jacket takes into account proper safety measures and comes with a full zipper front closure. It has adjustable straps and detachable spine armour with black plate armour that is easily removable. The elbow and knee guard is padded with superior quality foam to give you utmost comfort. It also comes with elastic straps that can be easily adjusted to give a proper fit. The offer includes a set of 2 elbow guard and 2 knee guards, available in various sizes.

Your hands will be well protected during winters, with the full finger gloves. The pair of gloves goes perfectly well with the riding jacket. The full finger gloves are heat resistant. Made of rubber and sporting a grey lining, these gloves are durable and won’t tear easily. Its additional features include a knuckle and finger joint protection, making it a necessity during a high intensity bike ride.

You can also sport a new style with the Polo Aviator Sunglasses, which is 100% UV protected. It not only protects your eyes during travel but also adds style and substance to your overall look. So go ahead and choose the best among the many options that you find online on Junglee.

Overview: Combo Polo + Riding Jacket + Gloves + Kneegard

A long bike ride on an empty road is one of the most fulfilling adventures one can go for; add some mountainous terrain, and now you have twice the fun and excitement. Unfortunately, this type of adventure and excitement comes with the ominous possibility of hurting yourself. To get the best experience out of such a trip, it is essential that you prepare yourself with proper safety riding gear that can protect you from accidents, as well as rain, sun, and wind. The 'Combo Polo + Riding Jacket + Gloves + Knee guard' is the perfect combination of safety gears that lets you enjoy your riding experience while keeping you safe as you explore exciting new landscapes.

Riding Gears

This product includes a riding jacket, sunglasses, gloves, and elbow and knee guards. The jacket has rich features and stylish design that give the wearer a rugged and tough look, and its sturdy design helps protect your body from direct contact with the sun, rain, and wind. The full zipper front closure makes it easy to wear and adds a touch of style. The jacket is fitted with adjustable straps and a detachable spine armour for added convenience. The elbow and knee guard has elastic straps to help you adjust according to a fit comfortable for you. The combo includes a pair of Polo Aviator Sunglasses that are 100% UV protected.

Special Features Of The Riding Gears

The safety gear items are made up of high-quality materials such as polyester, nylon, EVA, plastic and spandex that greatly enhance the product's durability and reliability. The jacket is mainly made of lycra and mesh net fabric that adds to its elasticity, making it more stretchable for better comfort. The included wide elastic waist belt and Velcro adjustment straps help keep it tight, and the elbow and knee guards are padded with high-quality foam and elastic straps for a comfortable wear. The gloves are of great help during winters as they are also heat resistant and made of rubber with a grey lining. The sunglasses add a stylish while also protecting your eyes from the sun, wind and rain. You can order online for this riding gear combo and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Product Details
Manufacturer FOX
Manufacturer Part Number FOX
Brand Fox
Model Number DFGL057
Colour Black
Material Material,nylon polyester, EVA, plastic,spandex
Item Package Quantity 1

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     Complete protective shield for fast bikers. 4 July, 2013 On
    The best thing I liked about it is, the jacket adds to your persona. Gloves fully cover your wrists and easy for handling. I wish I had an option to get sunglasses in Black, so that it blends well with other accessories.
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