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BD Comfort Quest Deluxe Inflatable Mattress sofa Bed Adjustable Backrest

BD Comfort Quest Deluxe Inflatable Mattress sofa Bed Adjustable Backrest

Material PVC
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Product Description

If you are renovating your home or you are planning to buy new furniture, then you must take a look at the BD Comfort Quest Deluxe Inflatable Mattress sofa Bed Adjustable Backrest. This mattress sofa bed will be an excellent choice for your living room or even your child's bedroom. This inflatable mattress can be folded and stored when it is not in use and thus it does not require any storage space either. This product can come in handy if you have a guest coming over. So what are you waiting for? Shop for the BD comfort inflatable mattress with backrest online today and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Comfortable and Compact

The inflatable sofa bed with an adjustable backrest can be used anytime you want. If you want to read a book, but you do not feel like sitting down on the sofa or lying down on the bed, you can blow up the mattress and tilt the backrest so that you can comfortably read the book. The mattress comes with a free air pump that will let you pump up the mattress easily at any point of time. The mattress has a 3 chamber construction. The lower chamber has been added for extra comfort. This way you will be free from any back pain even after you sit or lie down on the mattress for long hours. The mattress is filled with air and thus it can be deflated anytime and you can fold and keep it under the bed when it is not in use. The backrest that comes with the mattress is adjustable and it will provide extra comfort. The mattress can be used in the living room, in the bed room or even in the lobby or the garden. The material and the construction makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Mattresses provide an excellent sleeping surface for guests. If you have a guest coming over to your place and you do not have an extra bed for the person, you can buy the BD Comfort Quest Deluxe Inflatable Mattress sofa Bed Adjustable Backrest and your problem will be solved. If you order this mattress, you will always have an extra bedding for one more person.

Product Features

The inflatable mattress is made of pre-tested vinyl. This makes it sturdy and durable. So you can sleep peacefully knowing that the mattress will last a really long time. The presence of the inflation-deflation screw makes it easy to operate. Simply put the screw in place once it is fully inflated and when you do not need it anymore, pull the screw out and the mattress will deflate. The three layered mattress design with an i-beam construction makes the mattress sturdy and durable. You will not have to worry if your children start jumping on it. Instead of asking them to stop jumping on it, you can join them as well and enjoy. The inflatable mattress comes in a soothing blue and white colour combination. It thus looks good in any room. You will not need a bed for it and you can put it on the floor. This is a mattress for one person, so if you have more guests coming over, buy more than one and you will not have to worry about their accommodation. So do not wait anymore. Buy the inflatable mattress with backrest online now.

Product Details
Material PVC

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