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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

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Overview: Command & Conquer

One of the best real time online strategy games Command and conquer Re Alert 2 is a sequel to the earlier version. The Alternative history settings of the 70's in version 1 is carried forward and the second one picks it up from the conclusion of allied campaigns to its expansion - command and conquer - the Yuri revenge. It includes two playable side soviets and allied with a single person game is structured with alternate ending mode as opposed to the story mode.

The Plot

The plot is well defined for two factions to play out with their own story line each. Special Agent Tanya Adams is set to repel the soviet invasion of New York City with success. But it's after she frees the air force base with success at Colorado Springs that news about a psychic beacon (a device to control mind) implant at Washington DC reaches them. The allied intelligence also discovers an amplifier in Chicago, where the mind controlled civilians attack their own army and a unconcerned soviet decides to close shut Chicago longer use to them. This incident garners the support of France Germany and UK on conditions of withdrawing nuclear missiles sent to soviet city. The plot thickens and widens as Hawaiian Islands, pearl harbour are engaged and rescued. Washington DC finds itself in the grips of the psychic beacon and allied prism technology is under threat. General Carville in an attempt to protect Einstein's lab and protect chronosphere is killed by a crazy Ivan. The commander is on a mission and rescues the lab. The best reset place suggested by Einstein is Florida Keys in Cuba and commander helps in setting base, using it to teleport the team to soviet land to capture Alexander Romanov. The soviets face defeat and surrender.

Similarly the soviet campaign is intriguing in its details leading you form one action packed sequence to another. The premier briefing of capturing Washington DC sets the tone to their story build up. Alexander Romanov leads an invasion and destroys pentagon, its Florida fleet next and general Vladimir is celebrating. However it's Yuri who suggests a psychic beacon for New York City. After the capture of Allied battle lab at WTC the city is under soviet control.

Soviets thwart the allied support by direct attacks on their motherland leading them to self help needs rather than participate and strengthen the USA. With the support system dwindling, Yuri gets the Paris tower to be energised with Telsa trooper and leads its destruction. Back home too Yuri gains significantly with use of psychic beacon on their premier Romanov. How the psychic beacon, the tech marvel and labs are used to move and gain control and the power struggle equations of general Vladimir and Yuri are how their commander finds a Romanov message stating Yuri to be inside his minds and asking them for justice to be done get resolved form an interesting twist to the tale.

The canvas and scale of this strategic game with multiple campaigns and divisive plots that overlap and interconnect is intriguing in the least. Grab a copy to move with it and uncover a saga of action drama

Features: Command & Conquer

  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
  • "US version and it doesnot support PAL version"

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