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The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (Calvin & Hobbes)

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (Calvin & Hobbes)

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Language English
Binding Hardcover
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Calvin and Hobbes, a comic strip, which depicts the story of the dream world of a boy and his imaginary tiger, was first published in 1985. It is a collection of four-color, three hardcover volumes in a sturdy slipcase. This edition comprises all the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons compiled for the first time. This comic strip was featured in over 2,400 newspapers by the time the author Bill Watterson retired on January 1, 1996.This book is on The New York Times bestseller list.About Bill WattersonBill Watterson II (born July 5, 1958) is an American cartoonist and the author of Calvin and Hobbes.Some of his other popular books include, The Essential Calvin and Hobbes: A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury, Calvin & Hobbes Scientific Progress Goes "Boink", The Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book, and The Indispensable Calvin And Hobbes: A Calvin And Hobbes Treasury.He drew his first cartoon at the age of eight. He spent most of his childhood alone, drawing and cartooning. During his school years this ... See more
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Overall Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars
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     Awesome fun in a box! 12 November, 2013 On
    I don't mind admitting that, for me, the high point of my morning newspaper has always been the Calvin and Hobbes strip. It has never failed to ensure that I start my day with a smile. The moment I found out that the entire Calvin and Hobbes series had hit the market, I knew I wanted it. After spending a few months trying to talk myself out of spending three grands on books at one go, I gave up and ordered it. Till date, it remains the best-spent three thousand rupees of my life. The thick, protective box that the four longish paperback books are nestled in, occupy the position of the ‘showstopper’ in my bookshelf (bang in the middle and right in the front) where it truly belongs. And whenever I meet someone new who I sense is even vaguely interested in reading, I want to grab them and ask them to read it (while making it abundantly clear that my set is not available for borrowing).

    If you are reading this, you probably don’t need an introduction to Calvin and Hobbes. But let me give it anyway, like the proud mom who can’t help showing off her child to the world, holding up each of his achievements for the world to applaud.

    Six-year-old Calvin is the child you can’t stop yourself from loving, but would probably not want around your house! But while he is in the safety of the book covers, you don’t want to dodge the nugget after nugget of fun he throws at you from the little sling he carries in his pocket (for all things evil). Calvin is an only child probably because his harried, worn out parents didn’t risk a second attempt in fear of producing a second Calvin. And he doesn’t seem to have many friends either. But that doesn’t mean he is lonely! Oh, far from it. Together with his stuffed tiger, Hobbes, -- sarcastic, loving and as Calvin says, ferocious – he is ever-ready to take on the world.

    Calvin strongly feels school is a waste of time, they can’t teach him what he doesn’t already know or are teaching him things he will never need (I am with him on this). And thus, we find him sitting morbidly at the last bench, beating the boredom by churning out amazing adventures, using his supersonic imagination. While one moment he zooms off to save the planet on his aircraft, the next moment he is the prisoner of aliens. He traverses the Milky Way, takes the world by storm and faces challenges like a true hero. Unfortunately, his teachers are far from impressed, and when he is not being showered with F’s, he is being marched off to the Principal’s office. He cuts a solitary figure, with other children keeping their distance from the ‘bad boy’ who gets into trouble with disturbing regularity and comes up with hilarious excuses for not doing his homework.

    Things are not much better at home either. While he knows it for a fact that he is cut out for bigger, better things, he is constantly pushed into mundane activities like cleaning his room, doing his homework, and taking out the trash, all of which, again, are a waste of time. On top of that, he is always blamed for things that ‘Hobbes did’. In spite of all such odds, he keeps himself happy by making hideous snowmen, snow-sledging with Hobbes, inventing new games with mind-boggling rules, going for pretend-explorations in the backyard, inventing high-end machines (all with a cardboard box and a pen), terrorizing his babysitters and keeping his parents on their toes 24*7.

    And his wordly wisdoms! He is the kid who has an opinion on everything, and as hilarious as his opinions are, they stay with you, because at some level, this adorable, quirky kid with his spiky hair makes a lot of sense in the nonsensical things he says. Top that with the underlying subtle, often dark, humor, and you have the comic strip that is perfect for all ages! While kid readers look on Suzie – the ‘good’ girl who keeps coming back to play with Calvin even after he does everything to drive her away – as just that, adults would enjoy the budding romance that underlies their incessant fights. While kid readers identify with Calvin, adult readers would surely sympathize with his parents.

    I read it in four days flat, and in a week’s time, I was ready to read it all over again. And I must have read it in whole at least five times in the last year, and innumerable time in parts. It simply doesn’t get stale, no matter how many times you laugh over it. The pages are smooth and super-glossy and handling the books are a real pleasure.
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  2. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     prabhat kumar 15 November, 2013 On
    The collection consists of 3 books within one slipcase. Each page notes the date(s) of original publication of the strip(s) on that page. The strips have an appearance of being imposed on the page separately in respect to their original publication dates. This differs from other Calvin and Hobbes collections/treasuries; within those pages you find the strips laid out as a combined whole without distinction between each strip. There are also, of course, the wonderful watercolors by Watterson which appear occasionally, on pages respective of content and chronological order.

    Book One starts with a 14-page introduction/forward written autobiographically by Watterson on his view of comics and his relationship with Calvin and Hobbes. Includes photo of Sprite and a few other comics/early works by Watterson, as well as an early version of Calvin and Hobbes. Book One includes all the comics of 1985-1988; Book Two 1988-1992; Book Three 1992-1995.

    This is definitely an archival collection and not ideal for constant casual perusing, though the attractiveness makes it hard to resist. The printing, layout, paper, binding are beautiful but any wear and tear would be heart-breaking. This leads me to describe one drawback: these books aren't really hardbound books. They look so, because of their hard covers, but actually they are what's called "cardboard articles", meaning the pages are not stitched to the spine, and instead glued. Albiet, this is common book binding practice, but I'm sure most of us wouldn't have minded paying some more for real hardbound articles for the sake of longevity in preservation. So although this collection is best left for archival purposes, it's unfortunate they are not exactly archival quality.

    Despite the books being cardboard articles, the pages are easy to open up without damaging the fabric covered spine due to the generous space and horizontal orientation. However the images of Calvin and Hobbes on the front and back faces of the slipcase are printed on separate squares of paper glued to the surface, rather than integrated, or printed directly on. This is something I realized as I slid the collection onto my bookshelf and found I had to be careful or the sides of those squares might catch and lift a bit.

    The total collection weighs about 22.5 lbs, which makes it a bit awkward to handle. This wouldn't be such an issue except the books are snugly fit within the slipcase, meaning they're a bit difficult to extract without having to tilt the case forward a bit. It would be ideal if the slipcase had round cuts on the top and bottom corresponding to each book so one's fingertips could pry out the books with ease.

    The bottom line is that for Calvin and Hobbes fans who want to own a nice comprehensive collection, imperfections are there, but not enough to deter. The beauty of the pages and the excitement of owning this make those issues mere minor annoyances. It is also the ideal purchase for those who are new to Calvin and Hobbes. At one concise and reasonable price you get the Complete Calvin and Hobbes. This collection is sure to please. Yes, I admit, I am a bit prejudiced by my absolute adoration for this boy and his tiger.
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    3.0 out of 5 stars The Pages are Falling Out 21 January 2006
    By Matthew Gore - Published on
    I love this strip and I was very excited to see it collected completely in a lovely boxed set. I have only one fault with the item but it is a big one. For a set of this nature and for this price, you would think the publishers could have spent a few extra bucks and given the thing a proper binding! I've read through the collection only twice and the spine is already cracked on volume one and a page has actually come out! How much could a real stitched binding have added to the price? I plan to send my books off to Southern Binding and have them sewn. It will cost me about $30 but I believe it will be well worth it in the long run. Still, I'd rather have paid a few more buck up front.
    76 of 81 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars Great books...but NOT complete. 31 December 2005
    By ERK - Published on
    Let me first say that Calvin and Hobbes is by far my favorite cartoon strip of all time. Even better than Far Side. When I first heard that this complete set was coming out I was thrilled! Finally all of Bill Watterson's work would be available in one deluxe book set! This is why I was kind of upset after really going through the set to find out that it's really not complete. It's very close...but definitely not complete.

    Sure this set contains all the comics that ran in the newspapers, plus the cover art for the books, and various other special pictures/poems Bill drew for the series... but if you check out some of the older Calvin & Hobbes collections that were released, you'll find a whole bunch of really funny one-picture strips mixed in with the comic strips that are not included in this set. These were never put in the newspapers, they were probably made specifically for the older collections just to fill up space. For example, one of these one-picture strips featured in the very first Calvin and Hobbes collection shows a terrified Calvin in the back of car his Mom is driving holding up a big sign to the other drivers that says he's been kidnapped. Hilarious stuff...which makes me wonder why it wasn't included in this "COMPLETE" Calvin and Hobbes set.

    Then there's also a bunch of pictures at the beginning and end of certain Calvin and Hobbes colections that didn't make it to these sets. For instance, at the very end of the collection "Scientific Progess Goes Boink", there is a large picture showing Susie looking down on the sidewalk shocked to see a crude drawing of herself, while Calvin and Hobbes are laughing behind a tree. Why wasn't this included?!

    All in all, I do realize that I'm nitpicking with these left out pictures and one-picture strips. I just wish everything from all the previous collections was included, then I'd consider it truly complete. I really don't think it would have killed them to put in another dozen or so pages into this set so that everything from the older books was included. However, with that exception this collection is a must-have to any Calvin and Hobbes fan. It's well-made, looks terrific, and is worth every penny. I'd like to give it five stars, but I simply have to take off one star for the missing artwork.
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  3.  I love calvin and Hobbes book !!!! 12 May, 2015 On
    It always makes me to laugh..
    Packing is very good. Books are too heavy..... We cant carry anywhere easily..
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