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Computer Organization

Computer Organization

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher McGraw Hill Education
Overview: The goal of the book is to illustrate the principles of computer organization by using a number of extensive examples drawn from commercially available computers. The machines discussed in the book are the Motorola 680X0 and 683XX families, Intel 80X86 and Pentium families, ARM family, Sun Microsystems Sparc family, and DEC(Compaq) Alpha family. The 68000, Pentium, and ARM are used as detailed examples early in the book. Key Features The instruction sets of three commercial processors are introduced - 68000, ARM, and Intel IA-32 New chapter on embedded-processor systems Table Of Contents 1 Basic Structure of Computers 2 Machine Instructions and Programs 3 ARM, Motorola, and Intel Instruction Sets 4 Input/Output Organization 5 The Memory System 6 Arithmetic 7 Basic Processing Unit 8 Pipelining 9 Embedded Systems 10 Computer Peripherals 11 Processor Families 12 Large Computer Systems Appendix A Logic Circuits Appendix B ARM Instruction Set Appendix C Motorola 68000Instruction S ... See more
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