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Concise Inorganic Chemistry

Concise Inorganic Chemistry

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Language English
Contributor(s) Lee
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Concise Inorganic Chemistry

Concise Inorganic Chemistry is a textbook that covers the theories of Inorganic Chemistry. This book is written by J.D. Lee and was first published on October, 1996. This edition of Concise Inorganic Chemistry has been published by Oxford University Press, on the 29th of February, 2008. It is available in paperback binding. This is an updated version of the book and there is extended analysis on the various theories of inorganic chemistry. Other books by J.D. Lee are Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced, Simulation Software for Robotics, Modern Tort Law: Liability and Litigation and Fundamentals of Chemistry for Class 12. This book can be purchased from online retailers listed on

The theories of Inorganic Chemistry have been discussed under six sections in the book. Other than this, there is a section on appendices, with a total of 15 appendices. The six analytical parts include The D-Block Elements, The F-Block Elements, The P-Block elements, The S-Block Elements, Theoretical Concepts and Hydrogen and Other Topics. The first section contains details of periodic table, hydrogen and hydrides, atomic structure, ionic and covalent bond and more. Second and third section contains the groups of elements. Fourth section contains the details of the transitional elements and groups. Fifth section discusses details of F-Block elements and sixth part discusses Spectra and The Atomic Nucleus. The Appendices discuss some important points and theories of Inorganic Chemistry. These include elements and their melting and boiling points, their electronic structures, elements which are found in plenitude within the earth's crust, atomic weights, single, double and triple bond energies and more.

Concise Inorganic Chemistry is popular among both students and teachers all around the world. The page count of this edition of the book is 1068. The ISBN-10 code of this edition is 8126515546 and ISBN-13 code of this edition of the book is 9788126515547.
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date February 29, 2008
Publisher Oxford
Contributor(s) Lee
Binding Paperback
Edition Fifth
Page Count 1068
ISBN 10 8126515546
ISBN 13 9788126515547
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 24 cm x 4 cm x 19 cm
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