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Containers-Sunpet Premium Round Jar Set No. 106480-42 Of 42 Pcs

Containers-Sunpet Premium Round Jar Set No. 106480-42 Of 42 Pcs

Brand Sunpet
Model Number SUNPET 106480-42
Material Plastic
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Overview: Containers-Sunpet Premium Round Jar Set No. 106480-42 Of 42 Pcs

If you want to keep all your food ingredients and condiments in an organised and convenient manner, look no further as this Sunpet Containers Jar Set is the solution to all your storage needs. These containers are highly functional, as it helps you to store different types of food items or condiments in a systematic and safe manner.

What should you know about this product?

This jar container set comprises almost 42 containers in different sizes, which allow you to keep the kitchen neat and tidy. These containers are made of durable and fine quality US FDA approved Foodgrade PET materials so that you can use these containers for storing foodstuff. These are designed in such a manner that the fabric will not react with the foodstuff kept in the containers. The containers will last long because of the use of strong material. These are transparent jars so you can check out the type of foodstuff stored in them from the outside. These containers come with proper lids so that you can use these containers to carry any kind of food while going on a tour or you are about to visit your relative's place. The containers are round in shape.

Interesting features of these containers:

This Sunpet Jar Set is meticulously designed to make it leak proof. If you keep any foodstuff in liquid form it will not leak, therefore keeping ingredients or condiments in these containers safe and easy. Ivory Polypropylene threaded lids are used to cover these containers. These lids are durable and also ensure easy operation. The containers are made with fabrics that easily absorb the odour so that you are able to maintain the jars with great ease. Another interesting fact about these jars is that they are refrigerator and freezer safe. So, you can the small or medium sized containers to store food or stuffs and keep them in the freeze to use later.

How these containers can help you in daily life?

The jars are ideal for married women, who want to keep all the foodstuff and condiments in a systematic manner so that you can get an easy access to the stuff you are looking for. Now, you cannot use all your utensils like bowls and plates to keep these condiments and ingredients. Then you will find it difficult to serve dishes to your family or guests. Therefore, using these containers is a great idea. These jars are available in different sizes so storing food items become easy. If you need to carry some food stuff like pickle to your workplace for your lunch then you can use the smallest jar. If you are planning to take food items that you have prepare at home for your friend or relative, then you can use these jars.

So, what are you waiting for waiting for? If you want your kitchen to appear clean and tidy, you should start using these jars. Now, jars are available on the internet and if you are running out of time, then you can buy Sunpet Containers Jar Set online.


However, it is important that you take the proper care of these jars if you want to use them for years to come. Made of fine quality materials, these containers are easy to maintain. No matter what kind of foodstuff you store in these jars, they should be washed properly after use. Once the jars are empty you should wash them by using liquid detergent and soft cotton cloth or sponge. Make sure that you do not use any wire mesh that will leave scratch on the containers. You can use lukewarm water for cleaning these containers. But make sure that you do not fill the jars with hot water. Once the containers are washed properly, let them dry. Later you can use a dry soft cotton cloth to wipe the jars. Above all, these containers are light in weight, so you will find them easy and convenient to handle. It should be kept away from the reach of children. Mishandling will leave scratch and stains on the containers, which will spoil the smooth look of the containers.

Key Highlights:

Consists of 42 pieces

Comes with lid for safety storage of foodstuff

Transparent containers

Ivory Polypropylene threaded Lids

Product Details
Brand Sunpet
Model Number SUNPET 106480-42
Colour Name Transparent
Material Plastic
Item Package Quantity 42

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