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USB To PS2 Converter Cable Connect for Keyboard Mouse

USB To PS2 Converter Cable Connect for Keyboard Mouse

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Product Description

With the passing of days, most electronic gadgets are getting smaller, simpler, compact and efficient. The change is usually manifold and takes place within months that we often have to dispose off our old stuff and make place for the latest devices so that we can save time and work efficiently. But it might be apt for everyone. Some people do not like change. Some people like to keep things the way they are, because they feel comfortable with it. Same applies for the case of electronics. Some of us are accustomed to the use and feel of our old products that replacing them would be in fact a step back as it would decrease our efficiency, speed and the level of comfort.

We all have our old laptop and desktop stacked up somewhere in our storeroom which has no use to us. They have probably been replaced by new devices which are much efficient and trendy. But what if you are one of those people who are not comfortable with the feel of your new keyboard and mouse? You are probably used to the feel of your old device and hence your efficiency and speed has decreased with the use of the new ones. You could always connect your old keyboard and mouse to your new system. Oh but wait, you cannot! Your old peripherals have PS/2 connectors which are suitable only for systems which have PS/2 inputs. Nowadays, most systems are USB (Universal Serial Bus) based which as the acronym suggests is the universal mode of connecting devices. So, how would one connect a keyboard or mouse having a PS/2 to a USB docked device? There is a simple solution.

Shop online today to get yourself a USB to PS/2 converter cable. It is the best way to make use of your old keyboard and mouse. Now you can connect your old devices to your new system and regain your speed and efficiency. Turn your old keyboard and mouse into USB devices using this converter and use them on any computer.

The USB to PS/2 converter is a short cable which has a male USB plug at one end and two female PS/2 ports at the other. The two female PS/2 plugs are made to connect a keyboard and a mouse simultaneously. Once connected, plug the male USB port to your system and start working with your preferable connected keyboard and mouse. Since it is a very compact and handy cable, you can carry it around to make use of it in your office as well as at home.

This simple plug-and-play device helps you make use of your old keyboard and mouse. It is the cheapest way to make use of your old peripherals. It can help you save a lot of money as you do not have to buy a new set of keyboard and mouse, if your current devices somehow get damaged. By the use of this product, now you can make use of your old keyboard and mouse which was stocked away until you decide to get yourself a new one. It can be used it the state of urgency when all of sudden, either your keyboard or mouse breaks down and you have some important work at hand that needs to be completed immediately. If you have this handy convertor with you, you can instantly start your work again using the old set of keyboards and mice which were replaced earlier.

This convertor supports the standard PS/2 mouse and keyboard. It works without consuming external power and you do not need any software or drivers to install this. Just simply plug it in and start working. It is compatible with all USB hubs (USB 1, 2 and 3) and also all Windows Operating systems. Buy online today the USB to PS/2 convertor and make use of your old keyboard and mouse again!! 

Product Features

  • Do not throw your old PS/2 keyboard and mouse, and do not buy new expensive Keyboard and Mouse
  • Just use this converter to convert your old PS/2 keyboard and mouse into USB devices to use them on any computer
  • Old PS/2 keyboard and mouse with circular type pins are not supported on newer laptops and computers
  • Convert PS/2 devices to USB devices and save money!

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