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Cool Sport 1000ml Water Bottle

Cool Sport 1000ml Water Bottle

Brand Sai Home Appliances
Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 1.00 L/day
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Product Description

If you have been looking for an ideal container to store and carry liquids in, then here ends your search. Then, here ends your search as you have this exclusive stainless steel bottle just a click away from you. This Sai Home Appliances Cool Sport Water Bottle Mirror Polish Steel is a valuable product that will put an end to all the hassles you have been facing till date. It has been designed with care and using superior quality materials to keep the contents safe and fresh for long hours. Moreover, it offers a high capacity of 1000 ml along with keeping it insulated so that you can make immense use of it in carrying considerable amount of liquid. It can be ideally used in homes, during travel or for other useful purposes where you need to carry sufficient amount of liquid with you. It is of superior quality and is sure to impress you with its utility. So, go ahead and shop online for Sai Home Appliances Cool Sport Water Bottle Mirror Polish Steel.

Materials and Make:

This Sai Home Appliances Cool Sport Water Bottle Mirror Polish Steel has been designed using superior quality stainless steel material that is completely non-toxic. You can carry water in a hygienic manner using this bottle. It has an elegant design and comes in the classic steel shade with a mirror polish. The material ensures that it is durable and resistant to easy breakage. You can use it on a daily basis in a fuss free manner. People belonging to various age groups can make use of this product. The bottle features an inner plastic surface that keeps the content fresh and hygienic. It is light in weight and very portable. The dimensions are 6 cm x 6 cm x 15 cm so that it fits in easily and is not difficult to carry. There is no risk of leakage. The content stays insulated and odourless. The convenient opening makes it easy to use. So, go ahead and buy this exclusive product to stay fuss free.


This Sai Home Appliances Water Bottle is a must have if you need to carry water or other liquid like juices to work, school or other places. The high quality container offers you a storage capacity of 1000 ml so that you can carry liquid with utmost ease in it. It features a convenient closure so that you can drink from the bottle without any difficulty. Buy it and make use of it in order to store liquid with ease in an adequate amount. Children can also carry it to school and use it with ease. The material ensures that the content stays fresh for long hours and does not spill. It is light in weight and easily portable. Moreover, it features a trendy look and comes in the classy steel shade. It has a mirror like polish that adds to its final appeal. Thus, it is not only a useful product but also has a trendy look to captivate you. You can carry liquids on the bottle in a hygienic manner whenever you are on the go. There is no risk of spillage and the content retains its quality even after long hours. Therefore, make this practical buy and make the optimum use of it.

Care and Maintenance:

The brand, Sai Home Appliances, offers an exclusive range of high quality products that are useful. You need not worry about the longevity of this bottle and depend on the brand to offer you with the best in terms of quality. It will take little efforts on your part to maintain the shine and freshness of the item. You can adhere to these trouble free tips to do so. It is advisable that you clean the bottle on a regular basis after using it. Make use of a solution of water and a mild liquid soap for this. Avoid using harsh abrasives or strong soap powders. After washing it, drain away the excess water by keeping the bottle in an upside down fashion. Remove the seal to ensure that it stays fresh. Ensure that you dry the bottle before using it again. In order to keep the bottle free from odour, you can stuff the container making use of a charcoal piece or a moist newspaper.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Sai Home Appliances

Manufacturer: Sai Home Appliances

Manufacturer Part Number: Cool Sport 1000ml

Type: Water Bottle

Colour: Steel

Pattern: Mirror Polish

Material: Stainless Steel

Inner Material: Plastic

Capacity: 1000 ml

Dimensions of the Product: 6 cm x 15 cm x 0.6 cm

Package Content: 1 Unit

So, do not wait anymore. You will get a number of benefits using this high quality stainless steel bottle with a capacity of 1000 ml. You can also present this to your loved ones on occasions like birthdays and impress them with your useful choice. Buy the Sai Home Appliances Cool Sport Water Bottle Mirror Polish Steel online and carry water in a smart and trendy way. Get it delivered to your doorstep. Buy online. Hurry!

Product Features

  • Material: Stainless Steel 202, Non-Magnetic
  • Colour: Mirror Polish Steel
  • Size: 6x.6x15 Cm
  • Package Contents: 1 Water Bottle
Product Details
Manufacturer Sai Home Appliances
Manufacturer Part Number Cool Sport 1000ml
Brand Sai Home Appliances
Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 1.00 L/day
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 6 cm x 15 cm x 0.6 cm

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