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Cool-iCam CIC-175 3-in-1 Digital Camera

Cool-iCam CIC-175 3-in-1 Digital Camera

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Overview: Cool-iCam CIC-175 3-in-1

The invention of web camera bought many changes to our lives. Web cameras have many uses. Some may use to for video conferencing, while some may use it as surveillance cameras. This is the age of virtual meetings. Big companies organize their meetings through internet. Videoconferencing enables a person in India to take part in a meeting held in the United Kingdom. Apart from big companies, people used webcams to chat with their dear ones who live abroad. Surveillance cameras are used to monitor someone without their knowledge. Surveillance cameras can be found in offices, public places and even at homes. Cool-iCam introduces a CIC-175-3-in-1 camera which does the job of a web camera as well as the job of a surveillance camera. The best thing about this camera is its cheaper price. You don't need to spend much to own a surveillance camera or web camera, when Cool-iCam provides both in one package at reasonable rates.

Three-In-One Camera

This camera does three main operations. It can take up to 80 clicks at 'internet friendly' mode. This is the first operation of this camera. All the images taken in this mode will be in low resolution with 176*144 pixels. These pictures will be of decent clarity. You can use this mode for surveillance. The other option of this camera is to click 20 high resolution images with 352*288 pixels. These 20 images will be of excellent clarity. This camera also features a software enhancement to 640*480 VGA resolutions. You can record a 9 second timer using this mode. This camera also has a LCD monitor and change camera settings on it. Camera settings can be used to change the modes without any hassles.


The photos clicked by this camera may require some edits and touch-ups. For performing these actions, there is inbuilt software with this camera. This software can be used to edit the photos captured. You can edit these photos by connecting it with the computer or laptop.

Video Conferencing Software

This is the most important software in this camera. It enables you to do video conferencing. Initially, you have to fix the camera with your laptop or personal computer. An internet connection is a must for conferencing. The software required for video conferencing should be installed in your computer. Switch on the camera and internet is the next process. By accessing to the installed software, you can have video conferencing with the other person. This camera ensures high efficiency for your video conferencing using this camera.

USB Connectivity

USB connectivity is very important, as it enables your camera to connect with your PC and transfer files. In order to copy the videos and images captured, you have to use the USB connectivity. Even for editing the pictures, connecting with computers are must and it can be only done with USB ports. USB cable which comes along with the camera can be sued for registering this connectivity. In addition to this USB cable, you will get a web cam stand and pouch along with the camera.

Purchasing CIC-175-3-in-1 Camera

You may find this amazing camera in the electronic outlets across the country. You have to drive out and search for this camera in those shops. You have a better choice to own this product by purchasing it from the online shopping portals. There are many online websites, which provide this camera. is the best website among those websites which sells this camera. Junglee treats you well by providing many offers and freebies. The official website of Junglee is designed in a simple way, so that everyone can book products with ease. Once you have placed your order, you can select your payment mode. You can pay the bill either by your credit card or debit card. The third option is to pay the bill while the product is delivered to you. Don't waste a second now! Place your order for this amazing camera.

Product Details
Brand Cool-iCam
Model Number Cic 175
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Optical Zoom 1x

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