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100% Cotton Double Bedsheets Set Of 4 With 8 Pillow Covers

100% Cotton Double Bedsheets Set Of 4 With 8 Pillow Covers

Brand DecorVilla
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Overview: 100% Cotton Double Bedsheets Set Of 4 With 8 Pillow Covers

One of the most important pieces of furniture is the bed and it forms the main component of the bedroom. A bed is an essential piece of furniture that you just can't do without. It is a daily necessity as much as it is a décor element. The bed is definitely the central piece of furniture of a room and a neatly made bed not only enhances the ambience of the room but also makes it look good. Likewise, at the end of a hard day at work, a comfortable and neat bedspread is quite enticing and feels great as well. A good bed sheet balances these functions in a proper and apt manner. In keeping with your needs, Décorvilla brings to you 4 Designer Elegant Design Double Bed Sheet With One Double Bed Light Winter Blanket very easily. Now you can add a fresh look to your old bedroom or enhance the look of your new bed with this beautiful and exquisite new bed sheet that is sure to catch your attention and fetch you a lot of compliments for your refined taste in things. Before you make a final selection, take a look at the features of these two newly designed bed sheets and blanket.

Design and Décor

From the house of Décorvilla come these brand new designer double bed sheets. It is made of superior quality polycotton fabric that melts to the touch. This thick but lightweight bed sheets are specially designed for and fits a standard double bed perfectly. A bed isn't quite complete without proper bedding. Therefore, you get a set these beautiful bed sheets on your bed. The in-house designers of Décorvilla have expertly designed this bed sheet to enhance the beauty of any room, irrespective of the style of décor. The bed sheets are a scintillating combination of colours of which purple, green and yellow are most prominent. One of the bed sheet comes in the purple and white combination and is mostly dominated by purple. With small floral design over the purple area which gives the bed sheet a charming look. The next one comes in a shade of orange, blue and green. In this one a rich garden green rolls into a bright orange, which in turn gives way to a bright blue colour. The design is commanded by varying floral patterns of which motifs of bright red, yellow and white flower tend to stand out. The third one comes in the shade of rust brown, white and blue. The surrounding foliages are a mixture of floral design and that melds surprisingly well with the various design elements on the bed sheet. The fourth one has patterned floral design marks the thick top and bottom edges of the sheet to complete the look and it comes in the mesmerising shade of striking blue, white and black. Overall, the design uniquely beacons attention and yet the sheet is easy on the eye and soothing enough as a bedroom accessory.

The multicoloured blanket is sure to provide you with maximum comfort and luxury with the main purpose of keep you warm. It is light and easy to use without being too bulky and heavy. The classic style of the blanket complements both traditional and modern decor and it comes in the shade of brown with red, yellow, white and purple accents. The floral and ethnic print of the blanket and it is definitely one of the best additions to your bedroom. This blanket is fuzzy, thick and plush yet light in weight. This blanket also ensures to provide maximum comfort

Maintenance of the bed sheets and blanket:

Décorvilla is one of the leading brands that deal in the production of comfortable and attractive bed sheets and blankets which ensure you complete satisfaction and durability. It is important to maintain your bed sheets and blanket in the proper manner in order to help it last long and look new all the time. These bedding items would retain their original superior quality, style and their shine for a very long period of time if you follow these simple care tips. You can simply choose to dry clean them if you do not wish to wash it yourself. The cotton blend and polyester material also allows you to use the machine to wash it as well on a simple, gentle cycle. Here, it is also necessary for you remember that you must store these bed sheets appropriately in order to keep them in very good condition. When it comes to the blanket, you must fold it in a proper manner when not in use at the end of your bed. Do not use and harsh detergent or bleaching agents to do away with fresh marks or stains from the bed sheets or the blanket. You can simply clean the area with a soft cloth dipped in mild soapy water. When the chilly seasons are over you can dry wash the blanket and wrap it in a soft piece of cloth or even an eco-friendly wrapper to store the blanket away for next year. When storing away the blanket you can also place naphthalene balls along with the packaging as it will protect the fabric of the blanket. Therefore, you can ensure the longevity of the bed sheets and the blanket by following these simple steps. So if you're looking to revamp your old room at an affordable cost, buy this bed sheet set and let it cast its own spell. This product is now available on the internet; therefore you can buy Decorvilla Buy 2 Get 2 Designer Elegant Design Double Bed Sheet With One Double Bed Light Winter Blanket online and provide a new and classy look to your bedroom.

About the brand

The colourful and designer bed sheets and blanket by Décorvilla is made under stringent quality norms to provide users with the best quality product. Till date, this brand has designed a wide range of unique and attractive bed blankets, bed sheets and other contemporary house wares for the users. This time they have come up with this comfortable, classy and stylish blanket to enhance the overall look of your bed and provide you with maximum comfort. If you are looking for a long lasting and stylish bed sheet and blanket to spread on your bed, then this product is ideal for you.

Features at a glance

Made by Décorvilla

Cotton blend and polyester material

Floral and ethnic print

Light in weight bed sheets and winter blanket

Easy to clean

Easy to maintain

Easy to store away

Enhances the look of the bed and bedroom

Product Details
Brand DecorVilla

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