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Wise Guys Soft Back Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime - Transparent

Wise Guys Soft Back Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime - Transparent

Compatible Devices Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
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Product Description

In this fashion-crazed world, it is imperative that man and all of his possessions be well covered and stay beautified. Of all those earthly properties that we cherish, today, a phone reflects the status of a person; and more so, its accessories and cover. Phones require covers to both beautify and protect them from dust, scratches and other accidents that we are in general prone to. This case cover for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime by DealzBreaker has a transparent appearance, which enhances the display of the phone.

Scratch Guard

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. As the generations of mobile phones have come by along the years, smartphones require the maximum protection that can be given. Mobile phone screens, case and buttons are as much prone to wear as the inner parts of the phone. From where we store the device to how we handle them, phones are susceptible to scratches, color peeling, bumps and even complete physical damage. The DealBreaker Case cover for Galaxy Grand Prime provides all support and protection to the Galaxy Grand Prime phone. It safeguards the device from scratches, bumps and further damages. Remember that not just rough usage can cause wear and tear of the phone. Dust, Abrasion against the nails, skin, pocket, bags, tables and moreinitially cause the tiniest of scratches and bumps which later turn into drastic scars and maybe even lead to cracks and ultimately breaking of the material.

Skin-tight fitting

While tailoring our suits we are very particular about the fitting of the material to the body. The slightest of misfit will easily show the body to be out of shape and sometimes even affect the movements of the. Body. Likewise, cases need to fit the device to its build. The DealzBreaker case cover fits over the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime like a second skin. The slimness and build of the cover allows 100% touch sensitivity over the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. While it is thick enough to protect the screen and the body of the device, it is also thin enough to allow hand gestures on the screen. The touch sensitivity is not at all affected by the presence of the case cover.

Shaped to match the phone

The DealzBreaker case cover covers every nook and corner of the Samsung Grand Prime, preventing any edge or nook of the device from damage. At the same time it also allows proper access to all parts of the device without any hindrance. The case has close cut holes that allow perfect fitting to the device's camera, headphone jack, charging point, SD Card Slot and the like. The transparent look of the case gives a naked appearance to the phone enhancing its features and highlighting its build. It also does not hinder the sound quality while covering the speakers and the mike of the phone. In Short, it acts like an armor that not only protects but also compliments the build of the phone itself.

High Level Endurance

We are surrounded by a fast moving world with too many details. To be aware of all the hindrances at all times? The human population is not accustomed to that level of detail yet. However, the DealzBreaker Case Cover provides high levels of endurance, which can withstand a very high range of damage. The materials that build to form the case cover appear soft and light but give a tough competition to wear and tear. Although it exhibits the likeness of plastic, it is made up of a mix of durable materials that render the case 100% resistant to wear and tear.

Give your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime the proper protection and décor that it deserves. The DealzBreaker case cover is worth your money and by purchasing from you also get the lowest price with a hassle free shipping. So here comes the time when you should grab your case cover and flaunt it .

Product Features

  • Grand Prime Back Cover
  • Transparent Cover
  • Soft case
Product Details
Manufacturer DealzBreaker
Manufacturer Part Number GPRIMETRANS
Brand DealzBreaker
Technical Specification
Device Type Back Cover
Compatible Devices Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

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