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Credit Card & Cash Holder Secure Wallet Money Holder For Men Women Ladies (Set Of 2) By Chevron

Credit Card & Cash Holder Secure Wallet Money Holder For Men Women Ladies (Set Of 2) By Chevron

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Product Description

In classic dual packaging, this Credit Card & Cash Holder Secure Wallet Money Holder from the house of Chevron is certainly an ideal choice and perfect accessory for both men and women. A wallet is one's that accompaniment which stays with her all the time whether in a place or on the go and speaks of her individual style statement. Thus, simply picking up a money or card holder which matches with your attire and can take in all your cosmetic paraphernalia, cards, mobile phones, headsets and other personal things is not sufficient. Instead, you should always choose something which reflects your personality.

This wallet has been specifically designed Chevron for modern men and women who have a unique and versatile vibe to their demeanor and can easily flaunt its contemporary shades.

Designed in a classic sleek silhouette, this wallet has been provided with a fine textured finish. Therefore, it is not only a unique piece in itself but also imparts an individualistic and matchless character to its carrier. Do not worry as this wallet is not just another fashion accessory which can only be showcased and not used. In addition to its style quotient, it also fulfills all your space needs as it comes with ample compartments to make sure that all your important stuff fits in comfortably and securely.

The wallet has been provided with four card slots and big designer pockets that will keep your stuff organized and in place. You can even use this wallet as a present to gift to your girlfriends, your mom or may be your favorite teacher. It will certainly make up a trendy, fashionable and an attractive gift option.

Whatever may be your purpose, such a colorful, designer and timeless wallet is a must to your personal accessory collection if you are a fashion person. Also, at such an affordable price, missing onto this designer wallet makes no sense especially when it lends a hint of opulence and gives more character to your personality.

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