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Crocs Crocband II Kids Navy/Bijou Blue
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Crocs Crocband II Kids Navy/Bijou Blue

Brand Crocs
Colour Blue
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Overview: crocs Blue Shoes

Crocs Kids' Crocband II in Navy/bijou blue colour are a favourite with all because they are an all-weather, comfortable, free of all odour footwear which can be cleaned speedily and which dry faster than you know. These Crocs have a smart stripe running through the centre of the sole giving it a trendy look and making them the perfect everyday footwear. The overall look and finish of the footwear is very sporty

The Crocs Kids' Crocband II in Navy/bijou blue colour are really light in weight and can be worn to weather any season. These Crocs have a generous space for the toes without making them get cramped, and allowing for enough air to get inside. This foot wear can be used in water conveniently giving you a feeling of lightness and playfulness. The sole of these Crocs is made of Croslite EVA and it is fully resistance to every slip a foot may accidentally miss. The brand logo is proudly flashed across the strap giving it a nice, sporty yet classy look. The trademark moulded Croslite material offers a comfort finish and long-lasting durability

About the Manufacturer/ Brand:

Crocs India was set up in the year 2007. The name Crocs is a resultant of the amphibious nature of crocodiles who survive on both land and in water. Currently present across more than 300 retail and branded outlets in the county, it has its own 29 exclusive stores across the metros and the key cities of India. The mission of the Crocs brand is to offer a vast amount of comfort and a lot of fun through its very unique products. The brand is known for its these inherent qualities and till date more than a 100 million pairs of Crocs footwear have been sold to consumers around the world. The distinct style of this footwear has made it a popular and favourite choice amongst buyers everywhere. This has only encouraged the company to work on enhancing the uniqueness of its entire product range and to further increase the comfort attributes of the same for its users

Product specifications

Manufacturer: Is Crocs India

Brand: Is Crocs

Manufacturing part number: Is 11990-42T-135

Model Number

Is 11990-K

Color: Smart and Sporty Navy Blue

Target audience: Ideally boys but now girls too are wearing them. Adulta have also taken to wearing Crocs because of the high comfort it offers

Suitability feature: Can be worn every day and in any weather

'The Crocs Kids' Crocband II in Navy/Bijou Blue color is a must for the sporty, fun-loving boy or girl and can be purchased exclusively from at a very attractive price.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number 11990-42T-135
Brand Crocs
Model Number 11990 - K
Colour Blue
Item Package Quantity 1

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Part time shoe 27 February, 2014 On
    i love this item from the cart, before i get it was difficult to remove and wear shoe again and again when i am off to bad. every time i need to touch my shoe and than only i can wear it. every time i have to wash my hands, its irritating. Crocs solved it, lift simply heel supporter strip once and you can wear it and step out from these easily, even when step in bathroom your socks are safe. No more wet socks, simply wear crocs !!!!
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