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The Croods

The Croods

Format DVD
DVD Regions U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada, and Bermuda
Actor(s) Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds
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Product Description

The Croods is essentially an American computer-animated adventure movie in 3D, directed by Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco, produced by The DreamWorks Animation and released in 2013. The characters speak in the voices of Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Clark Duke, Catherine Keener, as well as Cloris Leachman.

The theme

The movie is set in the prehistoric Pliocene era termed The Croodaceous which is a fictional period that is replete with prehistoric creatures. One day the leader of the cavemen's status is challenged by the sudden appearance of a prehistoric genius. He helps the Croods trek through an exotic but perilous land looking for a safe new home.

The storyline

The Croods were forced to leave their cave when it was destroyed and searching for a new home became indispensable. In the incomparable comedy adventure, the family is forced to enter a strange, but spectacular region. The patriarch of the group had troubles enough of his own to handle, but it became worse when a highly intelligent nomad called Guy entered the scene. This proved to be a blessing in disguise as Guy went on to aid the Croods to overcome their terror of the external world. In the process, they realized that they are capable of surviving the situation. It is filled with fantastic creatures, making the Croods change their perspective on life for all time.

A brand new world

Until now the Crood family existed in a landlocked area. Now they found themselves in a region where there is an ocean and the sun setting over the sea every evening, in itself a marvellous site. The patriarch Grug and his family including Guy together with all their many pets, make a home of this brand new environment that to them was a veritable paradise. Now Greg stops being over protective of his family members. Consequently, the Crood family turns out to be more daring, adventurous, and this brings joy to all of them.

To watch this spectacular movie in all its splendour from right at home, The Croods DVD has become available in the market. It comes as an AC-3, Colour, Animated, DTS Surround Sound, Limited Edition, Dubbed, Widescreen, Subtitled, and Multiple Formats. You can shop for it online and have it delivered at your doorstep.

Product Details
Theatrical Release Date March 22, 2013
Format DVD
DVD Regions U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada, and Bermuda
Actor(s) Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds
Director(s) Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders
Studio DreamWorks

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Overall Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars
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  1.  family movie 19 December, 2013 On
    croods shows how a family takes dymamic environment and evolves with it. in every family there is atleast one person who thinks out of the box and doesnt want to do what their family is into.
    this movie is about a child who dreams different and how a father loves his child and how he goes for his loved ones.
    also it has a humour attached to every situation which makes it a smooth one to watch
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