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Cry of the Peacock

Cry of the Peacock

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Language English
Contributor(s) V.R. Christensen, B. Lloyd
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Cry of the Peacock

" The Cry Of Peacock" by V.R.Christensen focuses on Arabella Gray, the protagonist. Its a family saga set in 19th century Victorian England. Arabella and her sister live with their aunt after they lost their parents, lands and inheritance. Her aunt runs a home for unwed mothers. The life takes a whole new twist, when this young lady receives an invitation for her old neighbours. It's a family with three sons of which the eldest, Ruskin Crawford courts her. The other two also starts admiring her. The family is adamant to bring her into their home and treat her like their own daughter. It's a beautifully written romantic tale which engrosses its reader.

About the author:

V.R.Christensen American author of moth and butterflies, did an amazing job with this engrossing Victorian family saga. She is the member of Historical Fiction Authors Cooperative, Authors Anon and Literary Underground. Her stories areP great epics and on the lines of Hardy and Gaskell of 1800's. Hers is a beautiful and elegant writing style.

The marriage into family of wealth and respectability is like a dream come true for Arabella but at what cost? Christensen skilfully illuminates both the beauty and barbarity of society, that is a dichotomy. The story is sure to make you recall Jane Austen's Victorian Sensibilities. Marriage to save estates, balls and seasons in London is all that you will find in "cry of peacock". The reader feels for poor Arabella, who's caught amidst men in her real life who have no real regard for her. This book is sure to pleasantly surprise you.

Laden with mystery, scandal and love, the cry of peacock is a wonderfully written fiction. Secrets are revealed page by page and characters develop as story progresses. This well knitted tale moves with steady pace. V.R.Christensen wastes neither time nor words in engaging her readers with the plot. The action is palpable from the first to the last. It's a must read.

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Features: Cry of the Peacock

  • Captive Press
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date July 1, 2013
Publisher Captive Press Publishing
Contributor(s) V.R. Christensen, B. Lloyd
Binding Paperback
Page Count 474
ISBN 10 0984697438
ISBN 13 9780984697434
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 690 grams
Product Dimensions 15.2 cm x 3 cm x 22.9 cm
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Overall Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars
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  1.  A Different Kind Of Love Story 29 January, 2014 On
    Cry of the Peacock written by V.R. Christensen is a romantic fiction with Arabella Gray as main character of the story. When her father dies she reaches to a stage where she is not left with any resources and means to survive. Even she is not left with any home to live. The generosity shown by her landlord at this juncture offering her to stay at one of the location without paying any penny creates lot of confusion and curiosity to know the exact reason behind this.

    Overall an interesting book to grasp...
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