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Cyber Sonic Hearing Enhancer Aid Machine Sound Amplifier

Cyber Sonic Hearing Enhancer Aid Machine Sound Amplifier

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Overview: Cyber Sonic Hearing Enhancer Aid Machine Sound Amplifier

Cyber Sonic Hearing enhancer Aid Machine Sound Amplifier is an incredible sound device that is designed for people with hearing disabilities. This sound device enhances the sounds around to make it audible for the listeners. It is a unisex device that can be used by men, women as well as kids.

This is the best go to device for sound amplifying needs. It also makes it very easy to listen to conversations form a far off distance smoothly. It is made in beige colour is added to keep it close to the skin tone while the extremely compact body ensures that it easily hides behind the ear. This light weighted device weighs only about 10 grams and can be easily worn through out the day without any discomfort. It is built with perfect shape and fitting to easily adjusts and fit either ear. The updated ergonomic design with smooth body provides more comfort while wearing it. Its sleek body is designed with study material that is durable for a long period of time.

Get ready for an incredible hearing machine that delivers more distortion-free sound ensuring there are no disturbances or additional sounds produced due to the machine operations. Cyber Sonic Hearing enhancer offers super quiet and sound-free performance with minimum circuit noise. Besides, it also delivers sound with the reduction of wind noise. Increased sensitivity of the device provides better hearing ability.

It is designed to generate more accurate sound reproduction to beat the hearing issues. It is capable of reproducing High-Definition Digital sound of the finest quality. It is capable of amplifying sounds up to 40 decibels. The 6 levels of volume adjustments accommodate the users to adjust the level of the volume as per their need with the one click. It is also equipped with auto noise reduction that cuts out the sound automatically in case of louder surroundings.

Cyber Sonic Hearing enhancer comes with a protective case in which the device can be stored when not in use. This case protects the sound amplifier and protects it well during any transit. The case also guards the amplifier from damages and dust. The case is a perfect keeping for the three attachments additional attachments that accompany the hearing enhancer. These attachments are the plugs that are added to insert the machine into the ear hole. It is powered by 3-button cell battery that is strong and can be used for long. There is no need to worry about changing the battery soon as the Cyber Sonic Hearing enhancer is designed to consume very little energy. Plus the batteries provided are powerful and can be easily used for extended period.

Cyber Sonic Hearing enhancer can be purchased with one-month warranty replacement in case of any manufacturing defects. It is an extremely affordable hearing device that is currently available in the market. It can be bought without digging a hole in your pocket.

Cyber Sonic Hearing enhancer Aid Machine Sound Amplifier is now available on with manufacturer warranty, great design and quality at an amazing price deal.


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  1.  Cyber Sonic Hearing Aid 11 February, 2014 On
    Its An Ok Product from the Value for Money Perspective, hearing improves marginally while using the hearing aid. Only the Battery life has to be checked for longevity. Company did provide three batteries (one in use & two in spare). The Humming sound after switching on the machine can be heard to the nearby person too & is a wee bit annoying to the person using the the aid. To Sum Up it can be used as a spare machine
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