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Milk Chocolate
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Milk Chocolate

Brand D. Damodar Mithaiwala
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Product Description

Do you love to have chocolate? Then why don't you try out something different other than a dark chocolate? The Milk Chocolate Hamper from the house of D. Damodar Mithaiwala is one excellent option that you can try out.

The look

The Milk Chocolate Hamper comes in a white plastic bowl. The yummy chocolates are tied in shimmery blue wrapper. The chocolates are made of premium quality milk chocolates and come in a regular size. The overall look of the hamper is really attractive.

Key highlights

The milk chocolates are made of premium quality milk chocolates.

The chocolates melt as soon as your put them in your mouth.

The glittering blue wrapper gives the chocolates an attractive look.

It is one of the ideal gift options.

Why should you purchase this chocolate hamper?

Who doesn't love chocolates, especially if it is a pack of milk chocolates? While eating chocolate, our brain is said to release a happy neurotransmitter that gives you an elated feeling.The creamy texture of the D. Damodar Mithaiwala Milk Chocolate Hamper gives you real pleasure when consumed. They are hand picked with care to offer the customers ultimate satisfaction. Not only for personal use, this lovely gift hamper can be an excellent option for gifting someone who stays far away from you. So shop this Milk Chocolate Packed in Blue Glossy Wrapper from the online store rightaway.

How milk chocolates are made?

Most manufacturers nowadays use milk crumb for making milk chocolates. The milk crumbs are produced by mixing refined sugar in milk and evaporating the water to produce condensed milk. Then chocolate liquor is mixed with the sweetened condensed milk and allowed to dry.

Nutritional benefits of milk chocolate

Milk chocolates like normal milk contain 16 beneficiary nutrients that include vitamin D and Calcium. Milk chocolates contain very little sugar and negligible amount of caffeine. It has a proper balance of carbohydrate and protein. Milk chocolates are highly beneficial for healthy teeth and strong bones.

Milk chocolate facts

Milk chocolates are basically those chocolates, which contain milk powder, condensed or liquid milk added to a small percentage of chocolate liquor or cocoa solids. Its taste is entirely different from that of normal dark chocolates. The amount of cocoa solids or chocolate liquor added to the milk chocolates varies from one country to another worldwide. The first ever commercial milk chocolate was produced by Cadbury's in England in mid 1800s. Milk chocolates do not release endorphin when consumed in reasonable quantity. The caffeine content in a 1oz bar of milk chocolate is only about 6mg. A 1.65 oz bar of milk chocolate is known to contain only 12 mg of cholesterol.

Tips on storage of milk chocolate

There are various ways to keep your milk chocolate fresh. Store your chocolates in a dry place between a temperature of 16 to 18°C and away from direct sunlight. Its better to store it in your refrigerator. This also keeps it away from ants. 

About the brand

D. Damodar Mithaiwala, established in 1937, is one of the oldest and the top sweets and farsan shops in Mumbai. They specialise in dry fruit sweets, Bengali sweets, Pure ghee Indian traditional sweets Parsi sweets and the internationally famous Sutarfeni. With time, they have also started offering a variety of chocolates to meet the demand of today's generation. They maintain quality hygiene standards not only in their workshops but also their shops.

So buy this Milk Chocolate Packed in Blue Glossy Wrapper online and pamper yourself today.

Product Details
Brand D. Damodar Mithaiwala

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