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DOMIN8R NUTRITION Mass Mutation 2lbs, Chocolate (908g)
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DOMIN8R NUTRITION Mass Mutation 2lbs, Chocolate (908g)

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Product Description

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'Mass' must be an important word for you when it comes to bodybuilding. It is a fact that building mass is one painstakingly tough job. Especially for those with lean muscle body type, building mass has to be a difficult task. However, as all specialist in bodybuilding would advice you that the right supplement for mass building is the key to success in this case. This is why, Domin8r Nutrition Mass Mutation is the perfect product for mass growth for bodybuilders. The definition of mutation states that it's a chance or alteration in form or qualities. In this case, the only thing that's about to mutate is your lean muscles. It is going to grow and reach full potential only when you supplement your diet with the Domin8r's supreme chocolate flavored formula.

More Mass, More Stamina

One of the important things about bodybuilding is that you can never be sure how long you can last there. Suddenly, say, at the middle of abs workout, you may experience a shameful drop of energy and increase in fatigue. This is where Domin8r helps you. It offers you the potential to gain weight, live an active lifestyle and provide sufficient amount of energy to cope up with muscle wear and tear. It is low on sugar and designed to facilitate various crucial metabolic processes inside the body. It is a perfect supplement since it always keeps the body boosted up and ready for building muscles. Your advantage lies in the fact that you can have this supplement between workouts as a protein cum high card shake between workouts and post workouts. This 2lbs product comes loaded with advanced performance inducing elements. Shop online for Domin8rs at and get the best price for it from all around India. Check out cool offers at Junglee and enjoy shopping!

Product Features

  • Skin tearing pumps
  • Insane energy rush
  • HGH matrix
  • Massive muscle gain
Product Details
Manufacturer Evolution Sports Nutrition
Manufacturer Part Number 8906045120012
Brand DN
Model Number DOMN470015/16/17
Theme Nutrition Muscle Gainers, Domin8R Nutrition Mass Mutation 2LBS Weight Gain, DOMIN8R Nutrition
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 16.3 cm x 16.3 cm x 26.9 cm

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