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Brand DP
Model Number WL -707
Material Plastic
Size Others
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Product Description

With summers approaching, you must be worried about power cuts. Summers are the usual time when power cuts happen the most. With already a lot of heat, power cuts bring with them a lot of inconvenience. You have to stop working, no matter what you are doing -cooking or completing official work or studying. This is irritating, particularly when you have a lot of work to do and very little time to finish it. In such situations, you would have wished that you had an alternative source of light that would help you complete your work even when there was a power cut. There are several products available in the market that will allow you to do this. You can find torches, emergency lamps etc. Some people have inverters installed in their home so that they do not lose precious time, waiting for the power to come back. However, a lot of other people are not privileged enough to have inverters installed in their home. There are several reasons for this. Nevertheless, the best way to tide over a power cut without having to invest in an inverter is to purchase a high performance emergency light. Emergency lights are useful products and can help you save a lot of time and energy. There are several brands that are offering emergency lights in different designs and capacities. However, the best way to pick out a device is to understand what it comprises of and estimating its longevity. Here is a product that has been designed to last you a very long time and deliver the best performance.

The DP LED super capacity emergency light is a unique product that will make you forget the way power cuts make you feel. This compact device has been designed to deliver high quality light to enable you to carry on your work even when there is a power cut. You can use this device in your kitchen while cooking or gift it to your children to help them continue their studies, in the event of a power cut. This emergency light has a very stylish design and comes in a vibrant colour. It has a sturdy body made of high quality material, which can withstand daily wear and tear and hence this product will last you a very long time. Unlike torches, this product can be made to stand on a flat surface because of its smart design. You do not have to struggle with it while doing other work. The DP LED super capacity emergency light uses a lead acid battery which ensures you a long life. The battery has a capacity of 800mAH and can easily be recharged. This way you can save a lot of money. The battery can be recharged and discharged more than 500 times. This emergency lights is fitted with high power LED lights in a 3+12 design, which allows you to use this device as both a flash light and emergency light. There is a button on the side of the product which allows you to switch between both modes. You can easily buy this smart product online.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by DP.

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Product Features

  • The Emergency light is with built-in long-life and maintanance-free rechargeable Lead Acid battery of high capacity as 800 mAh.
  • The Battery has more than 500 times charging and discharging recycle life.
  • LED is in advantages of energy-saving,high light,long life and high power.
  • Both Flashlight and Emergency light For Choices
  • Technology Parametric:AC input Voltage:90~240V 50/60Hz,Charging Current:0.8A,Light Power:0.5 W
Product Details
Manufacturer DP
Manufacturer Part Number 1505505
Brand DP
Model Number WL -707
Colour Name Blue
Material Plastic
Size Others
Item Package Quantity 1

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