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Brand Dash/ FunRide
Colour Multi
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Overview: Dash Baby Product - Carry Cot 9 In 1

If you are in search of a high quality cot for your baby to use while travelling or taking him out, then check out this high quality Dash carry cot. An interesting fact about this Dash carry cot is that, it can be used as nine different things at a time which you often require to buy separately for your baby. Along with this, the beautiful and comfortable design of this cot makes this product a useful one for the parents of newborn babies. Its charming look and high quality material makes the resting time of the baby more relaxing. If you are in search of a comfortable and unique product for your toddler, then this 9-in-1 carry cot is the right one for your baby.

About the Brand

This comfortable and beautiful carry cot has been designed by Dash. Till date, Dash has manufactured a wide range of unique and high quality products for the babies. This time, they are back with a smart and comfortable carry cot. If you are in search of a bright and high quality carry cot to carry your toddler comfortably while travelling, then instead of using any ordinary cot, use this cot to give him maximum comfort while sleeping or taking rest.

About the product

Whether your baby is staying at home or travelling by car, finding a perfect and comfortable cot for the baby is not an easy task. Considering this, the expert designers from Dash has designed this carry cot. You can easily place this cot on the car seat. Being light in weight, you can easily carry this 9-in-1 cot with you. The unique design of this cot allows your baby to sit, sleep and play in it. Along with using it as a cot, you can also use it as a rocker, baby bottle keeper, carrier, swing, bath tub, baby chair, bouncer and safety net. You simply need to adjust the cot as per your requirement.

The use of high quality and skin friendly material makes this cot safe for your kid. The designers have included durable handles, which you can adjust as per your requirement. The addition of special safety net in this cot ensures that your baby does not fall from the cot while playing or sleeping in it. To make it more attractive, the designers haveused the colour pink and also a beautiful print on it. Be it a requirement to entertain your baby or to feed him, simply adjust the handles of this cot and use it the way you want. To entertain your baby, you can hang beautiful toys in this cot. The designers have created a special space to hang toys.

This cot comes with special side walls which protects your baby from any type of injuries. You will find durable stands below this cot which facilitates you to place it on different types of floors. The smart design of these stands helps you to fold them as per your requirement. The user friendly design of the cot helps you to operate it with ease.

Why should you buy this carry cot by Dash

If you are in search of a complete solution to carry your baby or make his rest time more comfortable, then this cot is the right one for you. As this cot can be used in nine different ways, you need not buy separate products like swings, carriers, bath tubs, rockers, and baby chairs. Simply adjust the flexible handles as per your requirement. As the cot is light in weight, you can carry it comfortably while travelling. Now your little one does not need to compromise with his comfort while travelling. If you want to get this high quality carry cot at your doorstep, buy Dash 9in-1 carry cot online.

Special Features

This is a comfortable cot which you can adjust with your car's seat

This carry cot can be used in nine different ways

The flexible handles allow the user to adjust them as per requirement

You can use it as bath tub, swing, rocker, baby chair, cot and more

Features: Dash Baby Product - Carry Cot 9 In 1

  • 9 in 1 Baby Gear
  • Easy to carry
Product Details
Manufacturer Dash
Manufacturer Part Number T-0271
Brand Dash/ FunRide
Colour Multi
Target Audience Parents, toddlers, baby
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 41 cm x 24 cm x 66 cm

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