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Data and Computer Communications

Data and Computer Communications

Contributor(s) William Stallings
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Data and Computer Communications

DescriptionWith a focus on the most current technology and a convenientmodular format, this best-selling text offers a clear andcomprehensive survey of the entire data and computer communicationsfield. Emphasizing both the fundamental principles as well as thecritical role of performance in driving protocol and networkdesign, it explores in detail all the critical technical areas indata communications, wide-area networking, local area networking,and protocol design.For Sale in Indiansubcontinent only A modular formatThis structure allows instructors to easily design a course to meet their individual needs. For students, it breaks this massive subject into comprehensible parts. Unifying principlesThe text repeatedly emphasizes such principles as multiplexing, flow control, and error control, and contrasts their application in specific areas of technology.Part I: Overview Data Communications, Data Networking, And The Internet Protocol Architecture, Tcp/Ip, And Internet-Based Applications Data Transmission Guided And Wireless Transmission Signal Encoding Techniques Digital Data Communication Techniques Data Link Control Multiplexing Spread SpectrumPart II: Wide Area Networks Circuit Switching And Packet Switching Asynchronous Transfer Mode Routing In Switched Networks Congestion Control In Switched Data Networks Cellular Wireless NetworksPart III: Local Area Networks Local Area Network Overview High-Speed Lans Wireless LansPart IV: Internet And Transport Protocols Internetwork Protocols Internetwork Operation Transport ProtocolsPart VII: Internet Applications Network Security Internet Applications - Electronic Mail And Network Management Internet Applications - Internet Directory Service And World Wide Web Internet Applications - MultimediaWilliam Stallings has made a unique contribution tounderstanding the broad sweep of technical developments in computernetworking and computer architecture. He has authore
Product Details
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Publisher Pearson Education
Contributor(s) William Stallings
Binding Paperback
ISBN 10 8131715361
ISBN 13 9788131715369
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  1.  Brilliant book for learning data communications 2 May, 2013 On
    The book gives a clear and elaborate picture of the complexities involved in the transmission and reception of data over computer networks. The book covers each and every protocols involved in data communications. Each chapter focuses on a particular layer/protocol and explains with reasonable coverage. Explanations are backed with suitable examples. The coverage of Internet Protocol, TCP and cryptography are specifically very comprehensive and useful. There are no typing mistakes at all. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to venture into the amazing field of data communications.
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