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Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet - Black & White

Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet - Black & White

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Overview: Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci

Technology is what makes it easier to use, collect, create and manage information. With the fast pace of this world, this use, collection and management of information has become very important. To be able to do everything better, faster and error free has become the need of the hour and technology in this scenario is a boon, enabling you to everything you can, faster and better. For such efficiency in work, we bring to you the Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet-Black and White. The best technology can offer in a tablet to make your life and your work convenient. The importance of staying ahead, leading the pack cannot be refuted in this day and age. To have a device that helps you stay up to date and manage your work better is exactly what you need to get ahead of the competition. With the Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet-Black and White, you will always be ahead of the others.

Description of Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet-Black and White

The Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet-Black and White runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the latest in technology and enables you to work better and finish tasks more efficiently. The processor is Cortex A9 1 GHz which makes sure that every task you start on the tablet is completed faster and smoother without errors. The tablet is perfect for everyday use and to finish any official work as well. The large 9 inch display is especially crafted to give you a better viewing experience, enabling you to better view videos, songs, read e-books and view pictures clearer than ever before. The size of the tablet also makes it compact to be easily carried anywhere. The tablet has a great battery life, enabling you to work better for longer hours.

Features of Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet-Black and White

The Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet-Black and White is a one of a kind, fully equipped piece of technology that will make work easier for you. From reading on it to chatting on text with friends, everything will be a better experience all together. The tablet comes with a single VGA camera in the front that comes in handy for any web based video calling and chatting. It has a 4 GB storage and is Wi-fi enabled. To enhance easy data sharing the tablet has been designed with a Micro USB port. The tablet is completely crafted to make every day tasks easier and smoother for you to complete. It is perfect for interactive user based activitities.

Why should you choose Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet-Black and White

Technology is that gift that is created to make life easier. To help you achieve the same we bring for you the Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet-Black and White. From the large LCD display for better viewing to the fast 1GHz processor to make every task run smoother, this tablet is what you need. From entry level games to finishing important conversations online, this tablet is especially crafted to make your everyday a little easier. This tablet is perfect for intuitive, interactive an task performances. Whether you're reading e-books or talking to a friend online, this tablet will enhance every experience. The long battery life will ensure that you have a longer time to finish your work and enjoy the work that you do side-by-side. The smart design, the color variants and large screen display make it a perfect choice for gifting to someone dear or to buy it for yourself and finish every task, faster and better! You can easily buy the Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet-Black and White at at such attractive prices that you will not be able to resist getting it for yourself right now. The price of Datawind UbiSlate 9Ci Tablet-Black and White is lowest at So why not buy it today. You can be assured that this technological wonder is a marvel and will enhance your working experience completely. Once you have purchased this tablet, do not forget to leave your valuable reviews at Your reviews are important to us.

Product Details
Brand Datawind
Model Number UbiSlate 9Ci
Warranty 12 Months Standard Manufacturer Warranty

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