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WIN-WARE Culinary Carving Tool Set 22 Piece. Great Range of Carving Tools, Knives and Decorators Presented in a Wooden Case. Fruit/vegetable Garnishing/cutting/slicing Set. Includes Decorators, Peelers, Cutters, Sculptors and More

WIN-WARE Culinary Carving Tool Set 22 Piece. Great Range of Carving Tools, Knives and Decorators Presented in a Wooden Case. Fruit/vegetable Garnishing/cutting/slicing Set. Includes Decorators, Peelers, Cutters, Sculptors and More

Brand Winware
Model Number NA
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Product Description

The art of food presentation is as important as the taste, especially in the professional world. Fruit and vegetable carving has become highly cultivated art. Not only is the taste or aroma of a dish important but also its visual appeal. With this Garnishing tool set you can do carving on watermelons, carrots, melons, tomatoes and pumpkins. Food that tempts the eye is more likely to tempt the taste buds. When a meal is presented with style, your guests are more likely to eat and enjoy it.

Excellent Carving Tool Kit

The kit contains various carving tools like paring knives, fruit and vegetable decorator and saw, double sided fruit and vegetable scoop, bird beak knife and flat stripper. All of the pieces are stored in a wooden case to protect them. The tools are excellent for carving and sculpting fruits, vegetables, chocolate, sugar and pastries. These tools are made of high quality steel which makes them durable. They are sharp and will not break. You will find everything in this tool set which you need to get started in the art of fruit and vegetable carving. Craving the fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, watermelons, tomatoes and onions are transformed into miniature animals, birds, flowers and serving containers. This equipment in your kitchen will help you turn out a good meal. You will also need a few tools to create garnishing and decorating. You will find every essential tool in this kit as it has 22 pieces for garnishing and decorating your food.

You can use stripper to cut a thin citrus and other fresh produce. Sharp knives are a must in garnishing tool set as they are very useful in cutting large items such as watermelon and pineapple and paring knife for all purpose cutting. A professional cook's tool kit contains more knives than most home cooks use, each with its own special purpose. The blades concave makes it easier to achieve a clean cut on a curved surface, so especially useful for peeling irregularly shaped fruits and vegetables. A bird beak knife is a knife with a specialized curved blade that is well suited to things like carving fruit and producing the tournee cut which is often used in food presented. It can be very handy tool. The double sided fruit and vegetable scoop is also a very useful tool for garnishing and decorating. This knife is ideal for decorating and it performs such functions as creating crinkle cut fries, cutting root vegetables and making designs in icing and spreads. A necessary addition to your kitchen, Win-Ware Garnishing tool set will speed up any food preparation process whether scooping melons or carved shape cuttings. Use the other tools to perfect your elegant presentations with unique designs.

Perfect Carving Tool Set

It has all, so let your imagination run wild with infinite creative possibilities. This tool set is perfect for the professional chef as well as for domestic use. If you love to garnish and decorate your food in a quite different way, you must have this kitchen accessory. The Garnishing tool set is a must have, whether you are a trained chef or an adventurous domestic party planner. The tools secured in a wooden case which provides safe storage as well as a convenient way to transport them to the carving venue. It's an ideal for garnishing, carving, cutting, slicing all the fruits and vegetables. This Garnishing tool set is a compliment any dish that not only tastes great but looks fabulous. They are very useful if you like adding decoration in the food, especially if you have special occasions or gatherings. For beginners, this complete Garnishing tool set is ideal. So practice your carving skills with our new tool set. The tools work great, designed maximum balance, safety and comfort. The tools have sharp blades and comfortable handles. So create beautiful amazing decorations on your food. This tool set is great for creating elegant presentations. Grab this product at best price and save your money.

Product Features

  • Various carving tools
  • Paring knives.
  • Fruit and vegetable decorator and saw.
  • Double sided fruit and vegetable scoop.
  • Birds beak knife, pointer and flat stripper.
Product Details
Manufacturer WIN-WARE
Brand Winware
Model Number NA

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