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Decorvilla Elegant Flowers Design Mink Blanket For Single Bed

Decorvilla Elegant Flowers Design Mink Blanket For Single Bed

Brand DecorVilla
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Overview: Decorvilla Elegant Flowers Design Mink Blanket For Single Bed

Decorvilla elegant flower pattern mink blanket for single bed

Get the vivacious elegant, cosy and stylish warmth of beautiful designer mink blankets of decorvilla elegant flower pattern mink blanket. These blankets impart a sumptuous charm to your bedroom and brighten it with a feeling of cosiness that appeals to you and asks for a warm cuddly snuggle in winters with your family and friends. It is made from the top quality 100% pure polyester which assures a warm, comfortable and relaxed good night sleep and you won't even know the harsh cold temperature of outside. This blanket comes in beautiful flowery patterns and design that will further class up your bedroom decor and interiors. If you are living outside your home, this blanket is perfect for you which will give you the warmth and comfort of your and its lustrous designs and patterns will lighten up your room, bringing a smile to your face while you enjoy a good night sleep.

This blanket is made from 100 % pure polyester material, a fabric best for the blankets. Even when you are in travels this blanket is best to carry on as it is very light weight of just 900 grams and could easily fit in the compact settings. The dimensions of the blanket is 165 cms x 215 cms, good enough to fully cover you and wrap you up in a snugly warm sleep. Although it is very light weight but don't judge its performance from its weight as it is very well capable of providing your warmth even in the coldest of the nights. It is perfect for single bed and single person use but it can very well accommodate two people in a sweet, cuddly closeness for a warm sleep in a cold night. The designs are very contemporary and totally in trend, so make a fashion statement with this very comfortable, light weight, hot mink blankets made of pure polyester that is your best buddy in winters. The material of this blanket is also very high on strength and would easily be washed with any kind of detergent without leaving its colour or texture. The very stylish design that totally stands up to its title, elegant as it will make your beautiful room even more elegant and classy.

Decorvilla is a reputed brand in household products like bed sheets, blankets, sheets, pillow cases and other decorative fabrics. Each and every product is made from a very high quality material, maintaining the elegance and class that you expect from the fabrics that you use in your house. This brand is dedicated in providing you the products made from the uncompromised quality and high standards that is why each of our products and manufactured with utmost diligence and various quality tests. Just like every product of ours, these blankets are also made from high end fabric with delicate floral patterns and adequate warmth to keep the chill of winters away from you and your loved ones. Easy to carry, good and pure material, easily washable are the major strengths of this elegant blanket.

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Brand DecorVilla

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