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Decorvilla Stylish 3D Print Black Cushion Covers Set Of 2

Decorvilla Stylish 3D Print Black Cushion Covers Set Of 2

Brand DecorVilla
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Overview: Decorvilla Stylish 3D Print Black Cushion Covers Set Of 2

When it comes to furnishing, the sofa or the bed set form an integral part. They are the central piece of furniture in a room. So, when you are decorating them, it must be with pillows and cushions that are of premium quality and match your sofa or bed set. However, simply keeping a cushion is not enough; you need to add cushion covers as they add a regal touch to the entire appearance of the room. Nowadays, you will come across wide styles of cushion covers in varying price ranges so you will get something to suit your needs. Moreover, if there is stain or stitches on the cushion, it will spoil the elegant appearance of the sofa or bed. It is best to keep the cushions covered with a stylish cover. But you should look for those covers that fit the cushions perfectly otherwise it will look extremely unflattering. Therefore, if you are looking for a cushion cover, here is your chance to get two, as you can buy the Decorvilla Stylish 3D Print Black Cushion Covers with Buy 1 Get 1 offer very easily.


Made from premium quality materials, this set of cushion covers are of the finest kind. The material is treated differently with the implementation of high end methods so that it is soft and durable to ensure comfort and longevity. Smooth and skin friendly materials are used while designing these covers so that you along with your family members do not suffer from any kind of skin rashes for taking a nap on it or while holding it while watching television or simply leaning against it. This set of covers is put through stringent checking under the supervision of the experts to achieve perfection in terms of style, quality, durability and comfort. These pair of cushion covers feature sturdy stitching because of the use of strong material so you can be worry free about the fact that they will not wear or tear easily.

Design & Style:

These cushions covers come in an excellent combination of red, black, white and green and sport a floral design, which adds a new appeal to the product. These cushion covers are beautiful enough to suit all kind of interior designs, be it traditional or modern. These covers also feature a matte look 3D print which is extremely popular these days and the hemming is done carefully so that the covers last for years to come. These cushion covers will also easily fit medium sized cushions at home.

Benefits of using cushion covers:

These cushions might have stain because of the liquid or food spillage. It might also have stitches that will spoil the entire get up of the room. Besides, when you try to read a story book while taking it on your lap, the stains and stitches might spoil your mood. Besides, it also develops a bad impression on the guests, who visit your place just to find that the cushions are discoloured. These Fabulous Cushion Covers can be used at home, apartment, flat, hotels and workplaces.


Maintaining these cushion covers is not much of a hassle and can be done in a simple and hassle free manner. You can hand wash these covers at home using lukewarm mild detergent but make sure that you do not dry them in direct sunlight otherwise the colour will fade. It is best to dry these covers in the shadow, inside out. Remember not to use any kind of bleaching agent or harsh detergent as it may cause dis-colouration. Try to keep these covers away from heated iron or burning candles, etc. In case of food spillage you can use a soft cotton cloth or a sponge and soapy water to remove the spillage. You should not twist these covers or machine dry it as it may hamper the quality of the covers. The covers should be cleaned and washed from time to time if you want to maintain cleanliness.

Therefore, if you want to keep up the tidy and trendy look of your house then you should buy Decorvilla Stylish 3D Print Black Cushion Covers online. Shopping online for this product means you do not have to get out of your house and you can sit at home or in your workplace and do the shopping while simply browsing the internet.

Key Highlights:

Combination of black, red, white and green

Perfect for medium sized cushions

Square design and floral pattern

Stylish in appearance

Ensures great comfort

Easy to clean and maintain

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Brand DecorVilla

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