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Dehashram Ka Manjogi

Dehashram Ka Manjogi

Contributor(s) Prabodh Kumar Govil
Binding Hardcover
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Product Details
Publication Date January 1, 2007
Publisher Star Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Contributor(s) Prabodh Kumar Govil
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 10 8188081469
ISBN 13 9788188081462
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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Positive thinking through sex 10 February, 2013 On
    The novel "Dehashram ka Manjogi"is a work of fiction written in the style of an autobiography, hence believable to all, though it is targeted as a lesson for teenagers. Physically, a boy become mature at the age of fifteen or sixteen at the most. But because of various pressures, it is not advisable to get married in this age now a days. The law of some of the countries also does not permit it. In such circumstances what should a youth do in order to manage his bodily secretions, which take place biologically in the human body.Masturbation, wet dreams,sodomy, extra-marital relationship and all other such things are not at all acceptable in the society, as healthy practices.
    It is a story of a teenager who faces all such experiences through out his childhood and after his hostel life.He accept all these things quite healthily and with positive natural spirit. After being settled in a job his parents want to got him married with a girl selected by them. He gives his consent too. But all of a sudden, the parents of the boy come to know that the girl to whom they are going to accept as daughter-in-law, is a widow of child marriage. They refuse the relationship at once. Now the boy recollect all those acts of his childhood and adolescent age and realize that the "virginity" has no meaning in the life, specially when the marriages are being performed at the age of over twenty five.
    This is the turning point of the story when considering this fact he accept the girl as his life partner finally, however the girl now refuse the marriage on the basis of the fact that the parents of the boy were unwilling to accept her. Novel raise the question that 'sexual parameters are different and discriminatory in the society for girls and boys.'The overall presentation and treatment of the novel is quite impressive as its flow of language.
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