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Dell Laptop Battery for Inspiron 14R N4010 N4110 N4010D N4110D N4010R M4040 N4050 N5050 Series

Dell Laptop Battery for Inspiron 14R N4010 N4110 N4010D N4110D N4010R M4040 N4050 N5050 Series

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Product Description

Like any other form of technology, battery technology is a significant field in itself. Understanding battery life becomes an important factor when it comes to laptops. For instance, having a 17 inch screen or rigorously using the built-in DVD drive will certainly drain the battery faster. However, with newer inventions and latest technology, there have been several steps taken on the industrial level to ensure that your laptops have a longer and credible battery life.

In the earlier times, laptops would come with Nickel- Cadmium batteries that would in turn poison the entire environment in case of improper disposal thereby leading to unwanted consequences and results, both technically and globally. Next in the series came Nickel Metal Hybride (NiMH) batteries which not only offered better battery efficiency and longer battery life but also aid in no memory issues. However, the latest generation of laptops uses Lithium ion batteries which offer a gained efficiency in comparison to the NiMH batteries. In addition to this, the Li batteries provide a really low discharge rate and improved efficiency.

When making a decision for the selection of ideal battery for your laptop, you will find that most of the manufacturers often list a number and amount of cells on the battery. Each of these cells comes with a specific capacity. For instance, a nine cell battery has almost a fifty percent more capacity than an equivalent six cell battery. Though at first it might seem simple, easy and tempting to buy the nine cells battery considering it efficiency, however, your decision must not be based on the efficiency alone. The Many factors such as the laptop configuration, voltage rating of the battery and the milli ampere hours etc. should also be considered. Typically, heavier batteries tend to provide a higher watt hour rating than their lighter counterparts. However, it makes sense to buy a six cell battery which of the same form factor as a nine cell battery as it would weigh less because of the lesser chemical it holds onto the charge.

As a general rule of thumb, one wants a battery that can easily go for five to six hours with a single recharge. All these requirements are easily fulfilled by the Dell Inspiron 14R 6 cell original batteries which are compatible with N4010, N4110, N4010D, N4110D, N4010R, M4040, N4050, N5050 configurations. It is a Lithium ion battery that comes with one year of warranty by Dell India. Hence, it is light weight and is more efficient than other batters, thereby perfect for your personal Dell Inspiron.

About tHE Company:

Based in Round Rock, Texas, Dell is a privately owned computer technology company on an multinational level. It sells, develops, supports and repairs computers and other technology related products. Founded by Michael Dell, the company has today evolved as one of the greatest and biggest technological corporation throughout the world. It has an employe base of almost 103,300 people. The major products featured by the company include network switches, computer peripherals, servers, data storage devices, personal computers, HDTVs, printers, cameras, electronics and MP3 players.

There are some brands whose name in itself is enough to attract millions of potential customers, thanks to their years and years of widespread popularity and high standards of customer satisfaction. Dell is one such juggernaut, having been in the business for a substantial amount of time. In that time, it has garnered widespread popularity. And it never fails to deliver the promise time and time again!

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Product Features

  • 5200 mAh Capacity
  • 100% Compatible Battery
  • 1 Year Warranty
Product Details
Manufacturer Orange Micro
Manufacturer Part Number N4010
Brand DELL
Model Number J1KND
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 5.1 cm x 20.3 cm x 12.7 cm

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