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Denver Rage Deo Spray-180ml

Denver Rage Deo Spray-180ml

Target Gender Unisex
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Overview: Denver Rage Deo Spray-180ml

Whether it is about adding the perfect fragrance to your body, or it is about impressing your lady with the sweet lingering smell from your body, choosing a deodorant that suits the mood of the environment is a must. We understand that most people today do not like to step out of their home without wearing their favourite fragrance, to ensure that you smell good wherever you go. We bring to you the all new Denver Rage Deo Spray, available as a pack of 180, which comes with a strong and long lasting fragrance.

This deodorant also comes enriched with a strong anti-perspirant, which helps in blocking the release of excessive sweat from your body. This also results in reducing your body from repelling a bad odour. This happens by reducing the bacterial growth in your body which increases the bad odour in your body. This deodorant also does not leave behind any white residue on your body or in your underarms. This also means that your clothes are not going to get stained due to the application of this deodorant.

You might be dressed in your best attire or you might even be sure that your body does not smell bad while you step out of your home, however you cannot be sure of the same while you are out all day long. In such cases to ensure that your body smells good throughout the day, a deodorant can be of great help. It not only helps in keeping your body off any kind of odour but also helps in keeping you fresh for long durations. You can shop online for this amazingly fragranced deodorant by shopping online at Junglee. Also ensure to avail the most interesting offers brought to you by a range of sellers listed on our site and be sure to get the product delivered right at your doorstep.

Product Details
Brand Denver
Model Number UT2020
Target Gender Unisex
Theme Rage, Deodrant, Deo, Perfume

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