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Dermawear Mini Corset Shapewear
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Dermawear Mini Corset Shapewear

Brand Dermawear
Colour Black
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Overview: Dermawear Mini Corset Shapewear

Fashion conscious women and women in general have always been conscious about their weight and their size. Trying their best to look as slim as possible, women do all they can to achieve that ultra slim and dainty look. Even though all women are built differently from each other, fashion brands have introduced various kinds of garments that help you look slimmer and give you the perfectly desired shape. If you are on the lookout for a waist reduction garment, that helps you look slimmer than you actually are, or helps you look shapely with the perfect curves then this Dermawear Mini Corset Shapewear is a good option.

Product Description

The corset is a garment that is worn to shape and hold the female torso in a desired shape and provide a slim look to the wearer. Slimming the body is the most beneficial use of a corset to provide you with a very fashionable silhouette. It is often worn to enhance the bust and hips by reducing the waistline. It can also be worn to achieve a tubular shape by reducing the hips and bust as well. This mini corset shapewear by Dermawear is a compression garment used by many women who wish to reduce their waist measurement by a few inches and look slim and shapely. It also helps in providing support to weak muscles of the abdomen by toning and strengthening parts of the body. This corset is made of stretchable cotton spandex material that can stretch to fit waist sizes of 26 to 30. It is of skin colour and can be worn beneath any attire without being able to see it through your clothes. The usp of the corset is that it possesses an anti cellulite micro massage compression with a slimming effect that can be visible even after two to six weeks of continuous wearing. Of course, these results depend on an individuals' body metabolism rate and their activity rate. This shapewear corset does not generate any heat and is perfect for the Indian climate.

The do's and dont's of shapewear corsets

It is important to keep in mind certain tips while wearing a shapewear corset and proper usage will lead to better results. First and foremost you should know how to wear a shapewear corset in the right manner. One of the reasons women try not to wear these are because they do not know how to wear it. You should always step into the corset and pull the garment over the hips so that you avoid trapping your head and arms. You should try and put it on like normal regular clothing, you should wear it slowly and patiently to give you the proper fit. The only way to make sure that the corset fits you is to try it on and see how good it looks beneath your regular garments as that is the main use of this corset. Following these steps will help you achieve the look you desire.

Key Highlights

Gently handwash in cold water without using bleaching agents.

Made of stretchable cotton spandex.

Developed specially for the climatic conditions of India.

If you wish to look your shapely best whenever you step out of the house then shop online for this Dermawear Mini Corset Shapewear.

Product Details
Manufacturer Dermawear
Brand Dermawear
Colour Black

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