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Design and Analysis of Experiments

Design and Analysis of Experiments

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Language English
Contributor(s) Douglas C. Montgomery
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Design and Analysis of Experiments

Design and Analysis of Experiments :

'Design and Analysis of Experiments' - by Douglas C Montgomery is the 7th edition available in paperback. Released in the latter part of 2010, this book is highly interesting as it includes numerous practical examples and very less of theory. It helps the readers / students to understand and get a complete insight into the results in the most lucid manner. This has been made possible with the DoE output files , the online features of Design expert as well as Minitab

This edition of the book by Douglas C Montgomery is highly explanatory. The ideal offering to students pursuing technical studies, it teaches them the significance of six sigma and also teaches them through experiments the art of minimizing flaws. Every chapter is inundated with practical examples and this aids every student to understand the importance of designing and analysing experiments at a different level resulting in great improvisation of the quality and overall functioning of all working systems. The book includes innumerable exercises, problems and a host of new examples. Design expert and Minitab which are the online features play an important role in the practice of all the various exercise files.

About the Author / Publisher:

Dr. Douglas C Montgomery is a renowned name in the field of 'Science of quality'. He has contributed immensely to this subject by writing many insightful books, research papers on regression analysis, process monitoring, engineering statistics, designed experimentation and response surface methods. The author of more than 11 books which range covering subjects like Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis which he has co-authored with E.A. peck to Statistical Process Control in manufacturing co-authored with Keats and J.B. he also has a large number of Journals published to his credit. He also has various Papers published in Conference Proceedings, Papers presented at Meetings and has supervised many 'Theses' pertaining to Ph.D. Dissertations.

Among his many notable interests are time series analysis and forecasting, design of experiments, quality and reliability engineering and the many aspects of applied statistics. Wiley India publishers offer a variety of content-enabled solutions across the world. These solutions help in bringing about effective results in the fields of education, research and specialised practice. Wiley India plays a very important role in assisting all undergraduate and graduate students who are busy preparing for various entrance tests which may be in engineering, medical, GMAT, CAT and even others. Wiley India helps these students through its countless insightful products

Product specifications

Product Type: Technical book

Format: Paperback

Edition: This is the seventh edition

Total pages: The book has a page count of 676 pages.

Publisher: Is Wiley India Private Limited

Language: Is published in English

Date of publication: Was published on the 12th of October in 2010

'Design and Analysis of Experiments' by the highly accomplished author, Douglas C Montgomery is the best offering for students in the technical industry offering a range of practical material and less of theory. It can be bought exclusively from at a very fair price.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date October 12, 2010
Publisher Wiley
Contributor(s) Douglas C. Montgomery
Binding Paperback
Edition Seventh
Page Count 676
ISBN 10 8126528370
ISBN 13 9788126528370
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  1.  very good for UG level student 11 December, 2013 On
    I have purchased this book online this book was recommended by my sir as I am doing UG in machine design and this book cover entire syllabus for subject robust design this book is also great if you are doing research in any technical field it held to optimize any process and also make process more compatible using six sigma and help reduce defect by doing experiments

    This book very mush helpful for student of GTU,iit,other university for research

    This book help in doing projects and also if you want go in quality department

    As per printing and presentation is also good enough

    This book have good explanation and also very important is it include entire experiments mentors(DOE) and with good examples
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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