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Men'S Slim Top Designed Sexy Hoody Jacket Coat Outwear Tops 2Color 4Size S0945

Men'S Slim Top Designed Sexy Hoody Jacket Coat Outwear Tops 2Color 4Size S0945

Brand Unknown
Material Cotton
Colour Grey
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Product Description

Outerwear is one of the most underestimated pieces of clothing that you will find in the wardrobe of Indian men. Most men feel that it is okay to wear a jumper with a peeking collar or a cardigan over a t-shirt during the cooler months of the year. However, while this look works if you are aiming to look geeky, there is no way that you can pick up a girl while dressed like that.

You need to understand that outerwear is a prominent piece of clothing that you cannot make light of if you want to look your best all year round. One of the safest and most stylish pieces of outerwear that you can have in your closet is a jacket. It not only looks smart and shields you from the nip in the air, but also provides additional pockets to keep knick knacks such as keys, glasses, wallet, and phone.

Product Description

Buy Men'S Slim Top Designed Sexy Hoody Jacket Coat Outwear Tops 2Color 4Size S0945 online and you can look your best all round the year. This jacket makes a strong style statement and is a must have for any fashion savvy man who takes an avid interest in the way he looks. This sexy hoody jacket coat can jazz up your look instantly and give you a smart silhouette.

Product Details

Brand: Unknown

Manufacturer: Unknown

Made from cotton blend

Funnel neck

Sleeve length: Long sleeves

Twin patch pockets on the side of the jacket

Contrast button detailing

Front zipper fastening

Zipper and button closure

Available in four different sizes: XS, S, M, L

Choice of two colours available

Solid hue

Ribbed hem and cuff

Hooded styling

Regular fit

Item is ready to be shipped

Estimated delivery time: 5-7 working days

Style Recommendation

This hooded jacket is all you need to update your look and stand out in the crowd. This jacket coat showcases the best in latest fashion trends and can be paired with solid hue t-shirts or graphic tees and slim cut denims to make a style statement. Do not be afraid to mix and match this outerwear with polo tees, printed t-shirts and other tops in your wardrobe.

However, make sure that your top is not too tight or it will reveal all the lumpy bits that you want to hide. At the same time, the top you wear should not be too loose or else it will make you look larger than your actually are. The square shoulders of this slim top hooded jacket draw the attention of an onlooker towards your upper body including the chest and face. Thus, it can work very well for someone who is a little conscious about his midsection and would prefer to wear an outerwear that draws attention away from that area.

Opt for t-shirts in solid colours to pair with this jacket. Solid colours can instantly fix one's physique and make him look at least 10 pounds lighter. Another tip that you may find helpful here is wearing v-neck shirts as they create an illusion of slimmer neckline. V-neck shirts serve as an instant fixer for the problem of double chin. Choose a low rise bottom to pair with this jacket. Whether you wear trousers with this slim top hooded jacket for men or pair it up with faded jeans, make sure that the bottom you choose sits on your hips rather than high up on your waist. If you are on the plumper side, avoid wearing pants with pleats as they will make you look more rotund.

Choose your footwear depending on the occasion and the look you want to achieve for it. For instance, a pair of leather boots will look good with t-shirt and denims whereas loafers will be a more apt choice for a casual look. A cool pair of shades can always add to a look. So, wait no more! Shop Men'S Slim Top Designed Sexy Hoody Jacket Coat Outwear Tops 2Color 4Size S0945 online now and be prepared to be showered with compliments.

Product Details
Brand Unknown
Material Cotton
Colour Grey

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